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Please follow the steps below to get your coupon:

1)  Click on the yellow button below to get the coupon.

2)  Please fill in the same Name as your passport along with the email-id. then click the OK button.

3)  Press the validation button and agree to the Terms and conditions, then go to your mailbox to check your coupon (If coupon mail does not arrive, please check junk mail.)

4)Come to PARIS City VISION presenting your voucher to buy your ticket and enjoy your discount.

Address: 2 Rue des pyramides 75001 Paris

Underground stations: Tuileries (line 1), Pyramides (lines 7 and 14)

Opening hours: 06:30 - 22:00


Conditions :

- Enjoy 11% discount when you buy Paris Museum Pass ticket in ParisCityVision

- Effective up to 31/12/2019

- Please fill your name at the back of the Paris Museum pass card

- Write down the first date of uses, in the order of day / month / year. (For example 20/11/2017)

- Unlimited access to museums and galleries, please check on this website:

- This is not a skip the line ticket

- You can not change the date and name that already written on the pass.

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