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Atelier des Lumières
Apr 14 - Nov 11, 2018

Following Lébord Provence's "Light Quarry", Atelier des Lumières opened its doors in Paris as the city's first digital arts center. What is now the 3300 square meter exhibition space was formally an iron factory which was recently renovated. The immersive installations include works from Austrian artists Gustav Klimt and Hundertwasser as well as AI digital art installation by digital creation studio OUCHHH.


Teamlab Paris
May 15 - Sep 9, 2018


Teamlab has been started since 2001 in Japan and it is a well known exhibition to combine arts, science, technology, and creativity. With 360 degree of panoramic art, it shows the high standard of interactive art. 


2018. 6. 21 - 10. 14

The exhibition ‘The Impressionists in London’ is held at Petit Palais. It is exhibiting paintings done between 1870 to 1904 when Franco-Prussian War began and many of French artists left France and went to England to find the refugee. Including Monet’s paintings, you can see many impressionists’ artworks.


Fete des Tuileries

2018. 6. 23 - 8. 26

The Tuileries Amusement Park returns to Paris every summer. This amusement park is located in the iconic Tuileries garden, full of Parisian sensibility. Surrounded by pleasant screams, familiar smells and a feeling of envy for the young children running through the grounds. There is a large variety of games, rides and snacks.


    Paris Plage

2018. 7. 7 - 9. 2

Paris plage makes summer in Paris just that much better! It began in 2002 for Parisians and tourists to escape the summer heat without having to leave the city. One of the Paris beach areas is in the 19th disctrict around Saint Martin Canal where you can enjoy outdoor swimming pools and some water activities. The other Paris Plage is closer to the city center. Staring at the Seine around the Tuileries Garden, Paris Plage is spreaded out to Pont Neuf, Cite, and until Pont de Sully. Even though you cannot go into the water here, there are some other charms to keep you satisfied. 


Vivaldi's Four Seasons
2018. 7. 30 - 8. 31

Surrounded by beautiful stunning stained-glasses at Sainte Chapelle, you can enjoy the orchestra concert of Vivaldi Four Seasons. The concert is on 8p.m. every night, and we recommend you to make reservation beforehand. Price varies from 25-35 euros depending on seats. 


Jazz à la Villette

2018. 8. 30 - 9. 9

When the hot summer time turns to breezy autumn, this Jazz festival will bring you the best autumn mood. There are several different events in diffferent concert halls in Paris, and you can check the detailed information at the below link.



    Paris Design Week

2018. 9. 6 - 9. 15

The perfect opportunity to explore various designs from galleries, schools, studios, and workshops. The event is held in 4 neighborhoods and everyone can participate in and enjoy. For detailed information including locations and time, check the below link. 



 Alphonse Mucha

2018. 9. 12 - 2019. 1. 27

The world famous illustrator and maestro of Art Nouveau from Czech Republic, Alphonse Mucha. At Luxembourg museum in Paris, you can see his artworks, paintings, photographs, posters, and furniture. 


Paris Fashion Week
2018. 9. 24 - 10. 2

Being known as the capital of fashion, Paris fashion week is going to be held including fashion for women, men, and haute couture. Even though most of the fashion shows require invitations, you will have more chances to encounter celebrities from all over the world on streets in Paris. 


Fete des Vendanges
2018. 10. 10 - 10. 14

Montmartre is famous for Sacre-Coeur cathedral, and the montmartre hill, and also.. vineries! Every year around October, they harvest grapes and hold a festival. Various events are prepared which you can check at the below link. 



FIAC Paris
2018. 10. 18 - 10. 21

45 years old international art fair! It is one of the world top 3 art fair, and you can see the collection of artworks from 25 countries. Art fair will be held at Grand Palais.


Disneyland Paris Halloween
2018. 10. 1 - 11. 4

Disneyland is such a perfect place to go back to childhood. Many rides are attractive enough, but during October, before halloween, they will prepare special spooky events. Especially on Halloween day, there will be an unforgettable event from 20:30-2:00.



Michael Jackson

: The birth of an icon

2018. 11. 23 - 2019. 2. 14 

This year, it is 10th anniversary of Micheal Jackson's death, and there is going to be a special exhibition at Grand Palais. During the exhibition, they will spotlight his works and life again. 


A Starry Christmas - Christmas Village
2018. 11. 27 - 12. 31

Christmas crafts, decorative stuffs, and food..! Even before Christmas, you will have a warm and special atmosphere of Christmas near Chatelet with over 70 chalets. 



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