Category: French restaurant and Bar

Location: 13 Rue des Lavandieres Sainte-Opportune, 75001 Paris

Transportation: 1, 7, 11, 14 line Chatelet station

Business hours: 9:00 to 2:00

Price Range : an average of 15 € ~ 30 € / 1 person


Introducing - a French restaurant and bar, located in the centre of Paris -BAR A MANGER.


What To Eat

Their meal prices are as follows:

Appetizer + staple food + snack 22.5 euro

Appetizer + staple food or staple food + snack 19.3 Euro

Single staple food 15.8 Euro




The main dish is Rum Steak. The sauce which was made to perfection and Steak cooked just right. Served with french fries.


Another favourite here is crispy duck breast with vegetables. Non-greasy and filling.


Cream French toast (BRIOCHE FRENCH TOAST), sprinkled with roast vanilla and cinnamon powder. The taste is hard to forget coupled with coconut ice cream.


Moist Lemon Cake (MOIST LEMON CAKE) Lemon flavour rich yet refreshing to the pallet.


The restaurant is located on the Rue des Lavandieres Saint-Opportun road. The two story establishment is decorated with vintage elegance and a stylish ambience to enjoy the Parisian lifestyle.


BAR A MANGER is located in the city centre, the price is reasonably high, but the meal is very delicious, we highly recommend the desserts, of course, there is alcohol to choose from. The decor is retro and charming, making your dining experience delightful.


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