Hyun Mi Nielsen Paris Fashion Week S/S 2018

Cite de l'architecture et du Patrimoine, Paris


As soon as I entered the show, I was warmly welcomed by fashionistas from all over the world as well as photographers from each magazine. At fashion week, the costumes of people gathered in the showroom represent the fashion trend of Paris fashion. Even before the show began with the force of the people gathered on the scene and the scene filled with modern and elegant atmosphere, this proved that it was Paris soon.


Hyun Mi Nielsen's Fashion Week show was held at Paris Architecture Cultural Complex next to Trocadero Square with the Eiffel Tower on January 25, 2018 at 11 am. She has already been invited for the third time as a guest member at the Paris fashion week official haute couture event. She was born in Korea and adopted to Denmark. The exact name is Christine Hyun Mi Nielsen, better known abroad as Christine Nielsen.


Previously nominated by McQueen, she served as head designer at McQueen and later as director at Givenchy and Valencia. In 2016, she launched her own brand, Hyun Mi Nielsen, in Paris, and made her debut in Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week in 2017.


In this Fashion Week, we present the Mensch collection, present the human figure according to the flow of time and space, and draw a world that is constantly disassembled and modified. This is not only how she keeps her bag as the designer moves forward, but also suggests her own way of unfolding the changing silhouettes.


It is interesting to note that not only the visual but also the auditory stimuli are stimulated by using the slightest sound produced by the movement of certain fabrics, such as the sound of a whip of a leather strap or the sound of a shell colliding with a specific fabric.


The accessories that add points to her collection are collaborations with designer Zoe Lee.


The structure of the costumes that are naturally blown or spread by the steps that the models walk and make runways are very impressive.


She was praised for her creative universe in this collection where the constant flow and division between denim, leather, silk, viscose and all other fabrics took place.


Author : Yuna 

Photo: Han Jae Un