Vie Nocturne : Paris Rooftops

Best Rooftops with a splendid view of Paris

Paris is full of attractions to enjoy such as museums, shopping, gourmet food, cafes, the Eiffel Tower, the Seine River, and so on, but night life is also indispensable. There are special events every day in Paris as it is a city where countless people from all over the world are gathering. Therefore, there are plenty of things to enjoy even at night. If you go back to your accommodation just because the sun sets, you will definitely miss out on other amazing fun things which start when it gets dark.

best paris rooftop  As the luminous night view of the Seine River and the White Eiffel shining with gorgeous white lights, the Paris night is as beautiful as day. However, what if you could look down at the night view of the whole city? If you can look down at the sparkling Eiffel Tower and the colorful lights of the whole city while sipping sweet cocktails, it will surely be a wonderful memory that you will never forget. In this article, I will introduce the best rooftops where you can enjoy the beautiful night view of Paris.




Brach Paris

brach paris

It is the rooftop of the Brach Hotel, located near Trocadero. This rooftop has been transformed into a complete urban garden with a hen house and to grow fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

In this rooftop, you can enjoy Jeremy Bacquet’s signature cocktails and food made with collaboration with the brand Bellota. On the rooftop terrace, you can taste Asian-style food by the Chef Adam Bentalha, and indoor restaurants serve Mediterranean-style dishes. Above all, you can enjoy the splendid Paris with a 360-degree view. Enjoy the night view of Paris with a refreshing cocktail here at Brach

Address: 1-7 rue Jean Richepin, 75016 Paris

Opening hours : 17:00 – 1:00





perruche rooftop paris

This is a cocktail bar/restaurant located on the roof of Printemps Department Store. The huge restaurant, over 500 square meters, offers an amazing open view of Paris. There are great programs by DJs, pianists, and various musicians, which make it an oasis for having party with the beautiful sunset. This is a place where you can be happy just by looking at the view of Paris with the romantic atmosphere. You can taste a variety of cocktails from Nico de Soto, and Mediterranean cuisine is also excellent.

Address: Printemps De L'Homme, 2 Rue du Havre 9ème étage, 75009 Paris

Opening hours : Weekdays 12:00-15:00/19:00-02:00, Weekend 12:00-3:00/19:00-02:00





le georges paris rooftopThis is a rooftop restaurant located on the roof of the Pompidou Center. A sophisticated atmosphere and romantic mood of it are a bonus. You can enjoy unique dishes and the magnificent panorama of all the monuments of Paris such as Montmartre Sacre-Coeur and the Eiffel Tower. You can also taste gourmet dishes on the terrace and have cocktails at the bar. There is also a DJ playing music all night, so it will be great to enjoy the party. Enjoy a panoramic view of Paris on this rooftop with a modern style building. 

Address: Centre Georges Pompidou, 75004 Paris

Opening hours : Wed-Mon 12:00 – 02:00 (Closed on every Tuesday)




Terrass” Rooftop Bar

Terrass” Rooftop Bar

Located on the seventh floor of the hotel called Terrass” on Montmartre Hill, this rooftop is providing a perfect place to relax. If you sit on a comfortable rocking chair and swing and chat with your friends, couple of hours will fly. Enjoy the breathtaking view of Paris with a variety of signature cocktails on this rooftop terrace. 

Address: 12 Rue Joseph de Maistre, 75018 Paris

Opening hours : Tue-Sat 15:30–00:30, Sun-Mon 15:30–23:30





Creatures paris rooftop

This is a rooftop terrace restaurant of Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann, which opens only every summer. It has opened on May 2 this year. You can see the panoramic view of Paris and enjoy Chef Julien Sebbag's amazing dishes. All the menus are 100% vegetarian, and you can taste healthy Mediterranean food made only with 100% local seasonal ingredients. The rooftop is decorated with eco-friendly recycling products, and the terrace makes you feel good throughout the cozy and cool atmosphere. After shopping at Gallery Lafayette, you should visit this rooftop and have a rest.

Address: 25 Rue de la Chau. d'Antin, 75009 Paris

Opening hours : everyday 10:00 – 20:00




Mama Shelter Paris East

Mama Shelter Paris East rooftop

What if you can enjoy delicious cocktails and barbecue grills on the rooftop? Here in Mama Shelter Paris East, you can do both on the rooftop. You can enjoy barbecue and cocktails with your friends or family in the background of the splendid view of Paris. There are also things to enjoy, such as ping pong tables and DJ music, so it is perfect for enjoying a party. I recommend you to visit thereb especially in summer. Also, happy hour applied from every 5pm to 8:30pm !

Address: 109 rue de Bagnolet, 75020 Paris

Opening hours : Mon-Sat 12:00–15:00/19:00–00:00, Sun 12:00-16:30/19:00




Hotel Paradiso Rooftop

Hotel Paradiso Rooftop

Hotel Paradiso is the first movie hotel in Paris. The hotel's rooftop is the perfect place to enjoy drinks while enjoying the open view of the entire Paris. A must-visit place especially in summer. Because from June to September, every Sunday night at 9:30 p.m., the rooftop turns into its own outdoor movie theater. If you come to Paris in the summer, it will be a special experience to watch a movie here on the rooftop with amazing night view of Paris.

Address: 135 boulevard Diderot, 75012 Paris

Opening hours : everyday 10:00-22:00



Watching Paris's sparkling night view from a high rooftop will surely be a long-lasting memorable experience. While the day in Paris is beautiful enough, the night in Paris also has another big charm. If you come to Paris, I hope you can go up to the rooftop mentioned above at night. From the Sacré-Cœur Basilica and the Eiffel Tower glistening to a huge Montparnasse Tower. It must be a wonderful memory just to look at these wonderful monuments shining against the night sky, which are completing the city called Paris.


Words by Yewon