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Skincare Salon Experience at Opera district in Paris


Living in a Western country can make you miss the delicate care services which are more easily found in Asian countries. Also, you might hesitate before making an appointment at a skincare or massage salon because you wonder if there are professionals who understand Asian skin and bodies well. In that case, we strongly recommend choosing a reputable Japanese beauty salon. Japanese aesthetic and skincare salons are already quite famous in Paris. Reflecting the Japanese characteristics as delicate and meticulous, the Japanese skin care salon provides special massage and skin care with delicate touches. Their kind and courteous attitude is a bonus.


We visited this Japanese beauty salon and had procedures. Ayano, the owner of this salon, is a Japanese skin expert with extensive experience at one of the most popular salons in Paris. She has treated more than 2000 clients to date. This professional of skin is conducting face lifting, dark-spot removal procedures, and aroma massage, which are the perfect anti-aging treatments with professional techniques and a special lifting machine brought directly from Japan. We would like to introduce the procedures we experienced.

Soin anti age Classique


The anti-aging class session is composed of 4 stages. Cleansing with peeling + Electroporation + Lifting + Modeling.
Experts thoroughly perform deep cleansing, which is usually cumbersome to do at home, and remove impurities accumulated on the skin. Peeling removes dead skin cells which are unnecessary and make the skin look dry.


She applies vitamins and serum carefully selected from Japan. These products are made of natural ingredients and are very mild, so they are suitable for any skin type. 


The use of a method called electroporation is a feature of this procedure. Electroporation, also called mesoporation, consists of increasing the permeability of the skin using a short and intense electric current (completely painless), called electroporation. This phenomenon promotes the formation of micropores in the stratum corneum. It increases the passage and diffusion of active ingredients (vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid, collagen, etc.) to the heart of the cells located in the deep layers of the skin. The skin has a stratum corneum, a natural protection, made up of dead cells that create a natural barrier against the penetration of substances. This is why the classic application of cosmetic treatments can only have a superficial action with limited results. The objective of this mesoporation process is to make the skin more permeable to the absorption of active cosmetics.


The "fascia lift" works with two types of wavelengths, shallow and deep, to promote lymph circulation and eliminate stagnant waste. By peeling off the adhesion fascia, it eliminates the slack caused by tension. Carefully stretch the facial muscles and use a multi-faceted approach to refine the facial line and result in a smaller face. Even if you peel off the fascia, there is no pain and it is a pleasant stimulation. Immediately after the procedure, I was able to confirm the reduced swelling and tidy facial lines. Elasticity and hydration came up to the skin. Taking it regularly every few weeks prevents aging and revitalizes the skin. If receiving it on a regular basis is burdensome, try receiving it at least a day before an important event. It seems to make you shine even more. 

Anti tache


Are you concerned about spots or blemishes on your face? Didn't you leave it as it is because you couldn't dare to receive constant blemish removal in this expensive city? Here's the solution. 


Low-frequency heat is applied and temporarily dries the blemished area to accelerate skin renewal. This promotes the exfoliation of the keratin containing melanin, then the spots become less dark. The blackened keratin will peel off within 4 to 10 days after the session. Unlike medical lasers that erase blemishes in only one session, Eclat's anti-spot treatment makes them less dark and less noticeable by repeating the treatments. Some people get satisfactory results even once, but it usually takes 3-5 sessions. Make-up is possible from the very day of the treatment. No need to cover the treated area with protective tape. However, you must apply sunscreen. It will take 2-3 weeks for the next session.


There is no pain. I just felt it tingled a little bit during and after the treatment. In my case, blackened peels were removed off after 3-4 days. I found some of the treated spots are already brightened up and less dark than before even though I took the treatment only once.
Eclat's anti-stain treatment is effective for stains caused by UV rays and aging. Hereditary freckles and childhood melasma cannot be treated to prevent recurrences. Moles cannot be treated either. Go to check Institut Eclat's Instagram account and check out the before and after. These are the original photos without any Photoshop corrections. 

Body Massage 


Body massage is new at Eclat. This will be done by Mamiko, a relaxation expert with extensive experience in her own salon in Tokyo. Its effective massage alleviates fatigue by using high quality essential oils to deeply relax and benefit from natural benefits. It is possible to combine the body massage and the facial treatment on the same day.




As she brought it herself from Japan, this is one and only in Paris. The ingredients of the serum that she uses are mostly from Japan and some are from Korea, and the serum is a high-nutritive product that compresses vitamin C, ceramide, hyaluronic acid, collagène, tranexamic acid, EGF, Niacinamide, and acide azélaïque. Some readers may be wondering exactly which product to use. It would be a good idea to carefully check the ingredients before making a reservation since they are ingredients that come into contact with your skin.

The active ingredients of serum are as below :
APPS Derived from vitamin : the source of beautiful skin
Human-Type Ceramide : Moisturizes from within, prevents rough skin, dryness and wrinkles
Hyaluronic Acid : hydrating, drying, wrinkle prevention
Tranexamic acid : prevents and improves blemishes and chloasma
Argireline : An anti-wrinkle ingredient called botox to be applied
EGF regeneration, wrinkles, sagging prevention improvement
Niacinamide : Removes sebum and skin-thinning effect. Effective at acne, pores, blemish care (stain)
Azelaic acid : Care for acne, redness and blemishes 


Service and atmosphere


It was located 2 minutes away from the Pyramide Station, the very center of Paris. It was located in a typical Parisian bourgeois Haussmannian building. The salon is structured like an apartment. The owner, Ayano, and other Japanese staff welcomed us very kindly. The clean and quiet atmosphere of the salon makes both our minds and body very comfortable. The attitude of the experts, who are not only kind but also very professional, gave us trust.


Useful information

anti-aging treatment in paris

Classic anti-aging treatment : 1h 100euro
(discovered price 70euro only for the first session)
Cleansing + Electroporation + Lifting + Modelage
Package 4 Classic Anti-Aging Treatment sessions 320euro

Electroporation : 30min 60euro
Electroporation + Modelage

Anti-stain EX: 50min 90 euro
(discovered price 60 euro only for the first session)
Anti-dark spot treatment 30min + Electroporation (Tranexamic Acid, Vitamin C etc) + Modelage
Package EX 4 sessions 300euro

Anti-stain Quick 30min 60euro
(discovered price 40 euro)
Anti-stain treatment 20min + Modelage
Quick package 4 sessions 180euro 

Full body massage 60min 90€
Full body massage 90min 120€
Full body massage 1h + Classic Anti-aging Radiance 1h = 2h in total 160euro

Make an appointment via Instagram DM (@institut_eclat) or by email ([email protected]). She speaks French, English and Japanese,  Show O’bon Paris coupon to get a free additional 10 min neck, shoulder, and decolleté aroma treatment. 

Texte & Photos : O'bon Paris team 

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