Thành phố Honfleur


Honfleur là một thành phố cảng nhỏ tại Normandy, phía tây bắc nước Pháp. Phong cảnh đẹp như tranh vẽ được thể hiện rõ trong bưu thiếp, vẻ đẹp của thành phố  đã được khẳng định thích bởi các nghệ sỹ như Gustaf Coubert, Eugene Boudin và Claude Monet.

Bến cảng cũ Vieux Bassin

Bây giờ là thời điểm yên bình của bến cảng nhỏ này. Nhưng trước đây, bạn có thể nhìn thấy kiến trúc được tăng cường, được xây dựng như một trung tâm quân sự cho mục đích quốc phòng. Nằm ở đường giao nhau của sông Seine và Kênh Anh, Ogunploer đối mặt với nước Anh với một eo biển hẹp và đã là một trung tâm quân sự quan trọng kể từ thời Trung Cổ.

  The houses around the harbour are covered with blue-gray stone. Due to its strong wind, Honfleur has its own unique architectural style to protect the buildings from the wind. The contrast between the stone wall of the blue-gray colour and the parasol on the first floor of the building reveals beautiful colour photographs.


We had a late lunch at the restaurant, right next to the harbour. The price is cheaper than other places, but the taste is ordinary. We saw an advertisement on the wall of the building that says that it has been voted as a delicious house for three years, and we now know that everything that’s advertised isn’t true.


Museé de la Marine
Musée de la Marine is the first marine museum to be built in the harbour. The former Saint-Etienne chapel, one of the oldest church buildings in the city, has been renovated and is now used as a maritime museum to show the history of the city of Honfleur. It is an old building with a lot of historical importance.

Eglise Sainte-Catherine
A wooden architectural cathedral built in the 15th century. It is the largest wooden church in France.  The warm atmosphere unique to wooden architecture is very comfortable and would draw you to stay longer.

For economic reasons, the San Catherine church was built with wood, not stone. Looking at the round roof and the way of assembling, you can see that shipbuilders of the time built it using shipbuilding technology.


Saint-Catherine's Cathedral bell –tower. It was separated from the cathedral and is built.

A view of the baptistery of the Sainte-Catherine cathedral by Monet. Monet lived in Honfleur for many years with his mentor, Eugene Budin, and painted various aspects of the city.

 Normandy is  suitable for cultivating grapes, and cider, a distilled water made from apples instead of grapes, a local product. If you go to Normandy, try cider because they sell different kinds of cider everywhere.
Address: 25 Rue des Logettes, 14600 Honfleur


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