Le Petit Olivier-复古可爱的便宜法式餐厅


Category: authentic French restaurant

Address: 82 rue du Cherche Midi, 75006 Paris (Metro Line 12 Rennes Station, Metro Line 4 Saint-Placide, Metro Line 10 Vaneau Station)

Business hours: Monday to Sunday 12:oo -15: 00pm, 19:30pm-22.00pm

Price: 10 euros-20 euro



Any one whos been in Paris knows that finding a good restaurant with French Cusines for lunch at a reasonable price is rare.

We found one such place called  Le Petit Olivier in the Sanctuary of Saint-Jean-de-de-Pue (Paris 10). This area is flooded with  restaurant but you will be suprised to see thier prices.



 On Rue du Cherche-Midi,  you will  see this lovely restaurant with a yellow rooftop.



You would see a very colorful retro atmosphere. Mottled green retro wall, hung with the art of the selected paintings, colorful decorations, the atmosphere is very intriguing. You will also notice a  piano, and apparenlty there are amateur piano artists playing at night.




Special meal of the day is staple food with fish and beef  you can make a choice, plus dessert for ten euros. This choice in paris for under 15 euros is incredible indeed.


 We ordered the daily special meal of the staple food plus snacks.


  1: Fish with rice and salad

We selected white fish which was marinated and pickled as customed in south of france. Fish and rice could sound confusing but wait till you taste it with the mustard and olive sauce.It is a packed lunch for sure.



2:   Beef pasta

If you choose beef you would be offered the stewed beef pasta which is delecious with the beef tender and moist and pasta cooked al'dente .



Dessert 1: Chocolate Mousse cake
We selected the Baked white cheese and chocolate mousse cake. The taste of the cheese is very rich and the raspberry sauce is very delecious.



O 'bon Paris Suggestions: Even if your budget is small , you can still eat the real French cuisine with places like  Le Petit Olivier. As the menu is all French, you can simply remember some simple words, such as Viande (meat), Boeuf (beef), Poisson (fish), together with the picture to choose your favorite dishes.

Bon Appétit!