Le Petit Olivier - The Affordable French Bistro

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Address: 82 rue du Cherche Midi 75006 Paris (Metro 4, 10, 12 stations Vaneau, Saint-Placide, Rennes)

Opening hours: Every day 12h00 - 15h00 / 19h30 - 22h30

Price: 10 € - 20 €


A standard lunch in Paris can be estimated at 20 Euros for Entrée + Main course + Dessert.Keeping the students and budget travellers in mind. We were on the lookout to find a restaurant for lunch for 10 euros in Paris.

And Paris with its diverse food culture we were able to find a beautiful French restaurant in Saint-Germain-des-Prés district where one of the finest luxury shops in Paris stand. As you go through the small street Cherche Midi street near Paris' old-fashioned department store, Le Bon Marche, you will see a cute bistro with a yellow roof. That is the bistro, Le Petit Olivier.

French bistro meaning "the small Olivier" in French, Le Petit Olivier (Le Petit Olivier).



A retro and rustic atmosphere decorated with colourful vintage goods along with unique paintings selected by the art loving owner. You will also spot a piano where in the evenings amateur artists occasionally play.



Plat du jour (daily menu) is 10 € with dessert on the main dish with either fish or meat. Entré (appetizer) + main + dessert menu is also 15 € and expensive in Paris where eating out is unquestioned price setting.

Entré (appetizer) + main + dessert menu is also 15 €

This time we ordered the main + dessert daily menu (10 €).


Plat du Jour (Daily menu 1): Salade de Poission marinée (Marinated salad with Mediterranean fish and rice)

The fish dish of the day is a combination of marinated white fish and salad and rice. French southern cuisine often inculdes raw marinated fish. Although we were initially puzzled by the combination of rice and marinated raw fish with western style sauce,  we were pleasantly  surprised.


Plat du Jour of this day (Daily menu 2): Boeuf Bourguignon et Pâtes

Meat dish of this day is a specialty dish of Burgundy region. A dish just served freshly served while steaming. Meat stewed in red wine  until it is easy to disentangle with a fork and soft enough to melt in your mouth!


Dessert 1: Mousse au Chocolat
Dessert 2: Fromage Blanc aux Fruits Rouges

Dessert is  served in a form of  self-service where you can select dessert from the fridge at the back of the store.

Fromage blanc is rich in taste with its richness beautifully combined with a sour tasteful berry sauce. Whereas Mousse au Chocolat finishes with a light texture and exquisite taste.


At the retro Parisian-style French bistro, Le Petit Olivier  you can enjoy authentic French cuisine at reasonable prices. On sunny days, we  recommend having lunch with wine on the terrace while enjoying the parisian street sights. After enjoying lunch at a great price, how about enjoying some shopping in Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Also since the menu is only French, it is recommended to remember a few basic French cuisine terms such as "Viande", "Boeuf", "Poisson", it is easy to remember with the image of the dish.


Bon Appétit

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