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Galeries Lafayette offers the most romantic and exciting shopping experience in Paris. Opened in 1912, its classical and romantic atmosphere makes your shopping here more enjoyable. The main building (coupole) has various brands for women and also cafes, restaurants, and many secluded activities and events. There is also a men’s building and a gourmet building where you can find everything else that you may be looking for. 

With the O’bon Paris coupon, you're entitled to exclusive offers when making purchases not only at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann but also at four other Galeries Lafayette locations across France, provided your total spend exceeds a certain amount. To redeem these offers, you must present both your receipts and the O'bon Paris coupon. Receipts from Galeries Lafayette can be combined, excluding purchases for services, restaurants, and cafes. You have the option to either display the images below directly at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann or save them on your mobile device by downloading the coupon and presenting the saved images.


*1) For any purchases totaling 50 euros or more, you will get a Galeries Lafayette shopping bag

*2) For any purchases totaling 650 euros or more, you will get a Diptyque Candle

**3) For any purchases totaling 1200 euros or more, you will get a Dupont cardholder

The shopping center also offers many other services such as driver service, and hands-free shopping... You can reserve these experiences at the end of the article. Don't forget to enter code GLOBONPARIS to get 10% off!



€50 or more: Galeries Lafayette Shopping Bag


Galeries Lafayette coupon 


2 & 3

€650 or more: Diptyque candle

€1200 or more: Dupont cardholder