The best view point of Amsterdam


The nightscape in every city might be beautiful. But the night view of Amsterdam has a special charm that is different from other European cities. Maybe because of the air from all those canals in the city. Adam Lookout Observatory is the place where you can enjoy a night view of Amsterdam from a high-level perspective.


Amsterdam observatory restaurant

On the back side of Amsterdam Central Station, there is a Pier 2 where you can take a ferry to Adam Lookout for free. It only takes 3 minutes on a ferry.

After purchasing the ticket, there is a photo zone. After the tour, you can receive the photos combined with various interesting backgrounds of Amsterdam. When you ride the elevator, you will see a spectacular lighting show, featuring a journey to space. When you arrive at the observation deck in an instant, you will first find a restaurant and a bar. It is a place where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a meal while enjoying the scenery of Amsterdam.


Amsterdam view

Observatory with a spectacular view of Amsterdam's landscape 

Go up the stairs to the observatory. The observation platform might be larger than you thought. You can enjoy the landscape freely without any disturbance. It is a platform without a roof so there is a fence for safety. You can see the view over the fence and through the transparent windows. If you want a wider view, go up the stairs in the middle of the observation deck and take a picture.


Amsterdam Night View Spot

It was a cloudy day when we visited. But at sunset, the buildings started to turn on the light one by one. As it got darker, the yellow light on the canal became clearer and added more quaint beauty.


Amsterdam Swing: OVER THE EDGE

The highlight of the Adam Lookout Observatory is a swing called Over The Edge. There are more people standing in line to ride this trapeze than people who are merely enjoying the scenery at the observatory. You don't have to worry about safety because it is made of a very sturdy machine rather than a loose string. The swing comes back and forth. When it moves forward, the whole landscape of Amsterdam will be under your feet. You will be very thrilled. The waiting line is usually long, but the actual riding time is one minute so the line gets short quickly in a few minutes.


Amsterdam rooftop bar: ADAM LOOKOUT OBSERVATORY

On the observation deck, there are also a bar and a small kiosk where you can buy simple drinks, liquor, and food. Note that it only operates from the evening. If you are planning to enjoy the night view, we recommend you to enjoy a glass of beer and chill out. In summer, they create a place like a roof garden with artificial grass and cushions where you can sit.


Amsterdam observatory : ADAM LOOKOUT

O'bon Paris' tip

After taking a photo from the photo zone, you will receive a ticket. You should keep your ticket. When you enter the souvenir shop at the end of the tour, there is a machine where you can scan it. You will find several interesting photos. If you don't want to buy them, you can download the photo from the link and the code on the ticket, for free. You can buy the entrance tickets in advance on their online website or you can buy them on the spot only with a card. 


Words by Youra CHOI

Photographs by Yuna LEE


Address : Overhoeksplein 5, 1031 KS Amsterdam

Transportation : A free ferry ride from Pier 2 at the backside of Amsterdam Central Station

Opening Hours : Daily 10:00-22:00

Admission Fee : Adults 13.5 euros / 4-12 years old 7.5 euros / Swing Over The Edge 5 euros

Websites : https://www.adamlookout.com/