Guo Pei Paris Fashion Week S/S 2018

Guo Pei Show Collection S/S 2018, Cirque d'hiver, Paris 

Guo Pei is the world's most renowned Chinese couture designer, based in Beijing and Paris. She is best known for designing dresses for Chinese celebrities and in America for Rihanna's trailing yellow gown. This season she held the show on Wednesday, 25th January 2018 at Cirque d'hiver , Paris . 


La cirque d’hiver Bouglione is a symbolic centuries, old monument in Paris, This time it will be transformed into a romantic and colorful Elysium, setting the scene for Guo Pei’s fifth runway show for Paris Fashion week Spring Summer collection 2018.

The show starts with a series of blue pieces that lay out a mysterious and romantic atmosphere. The color theme evolves from blue to gold like a sun that disperses the morning mist, the shooting star that pierces the night sky. The warm color of gold symbolizes the endless source of joy. The creative stage design adds a myth to the theme. The tree nearly 8 meters in diameter is suspended over the center. The tree roots are hand made by the famous French paper artist Charles Macaire. Symbolize of the planet area.


The glittery black center stage reflects the faint blue of an ocean surface and the deep sky. In her eyes, that reflects a fantasy paradise full of colorful flowers and wonderful plants, where elves dance and mermaids play, where flowers deities wander through an ancient jungle. The use of innovative and naturally sourced fabrics and materials is also a highlight of the collection. This season fabrics have element from natural environment combined with the gorgeous embroideries, exquisitely hand decorated with natural gemstones and crystals.


The unique shapes skirt was decorated with a golden flower to set the tone for the show.


Blue white and gold are the main color of her collection.


In all of Guo Pei collection, responsibility and life are two topics she is most keen to express. For this season collection, she focuses her designs on the theme of Life. "Elysium", is an island of Joy and life miracles where white winding tree roots float in the sky. The opening piece is woven with a large bamboo, specially made by the craftsmen with 30 years experienced. Flower is the central design element for her collection of 23 pieces. Guo Pei has created a collection presenting flowers in all shapes and forms. From the silhouette to the accessories to embroidery, she has adorned the collection with intricate and life like flowers.


Guo pei bring the source of environment that probably the most artistic show for this season. The show is about 30 minutes. It bring out all the  23 collections and that was a stunning show. The extraordinary shape brings the gorgeous ambience most of her collection.


Author : Gisella AZEVEDO 

Photo : Han Jaeun