BENLUX is a tiny outlet in front of Musée du Louvre, an iconic shopping center for luxury goods with fair price in Paris. Owning various big brands such as Cartier ,Bvlgari, Balmain,Armani and Chanel etc. BENLUX offers high-end products in perfumes, cosmetics, fashion watches and haute horlogerie, bags, jewellery, leather goods, sunglasses and fashion accessories.

Don't need to line up in lafayette, you can find whatever you want here with 10% - 30% more discount. Also free access of high speed wifi allows you to communicate with your friends or family in case that they want gorgeous gifts from Paris. Oh well, in such a beautiful city where it's hard to find a toilet, this is a place where you can solve your problem.



Famous for its expertise and personalised advice, BENLUX hosts people all around the world everyday with enthusiasm. Let's go into the shop to see what you can get.



In First floor, cosmetics, perfumes and sunglasses are elaborately displayed based on brands.

You can find a good deal of cosmetic gift box here and unlike normal outlet with out season collections, there are the newest designer sunglasses here with amazing discount waving at you.



Beauty Advisors who speak different languages welcome people from Turkey, Brazil, Portugal, United States etc with their professional recommendations while you're so lost in the heaven of cosmetics.


In second floor they offer finest watches, jewellery and haute horlogerie including brands such as


APM, this is a brand that has a high exposure and visibility in media and fashion magazine with its unique design, beautifully handmade.

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc pens can be a wonderful gift idea for fathers.

It will be an exciting moment to climb to the third floor and see all the dreamy bags and leather goods. American "Jet Set" brand Michael Kors as well as RIMOWA with its striking design and outstanding quality , their brand attitudes just match your "Vive Voyage" spirit. Furla, Made In Italy, yes you can be a sicilian sweetheart in Paris with these colourful and lovely handbags. Plus no one will leave paris without a practical longchamps bag which has a bourgeoisie cliche, but who cares, it's just a must-buy in Paris. Here, the price will be 3%-5% cheaper than in department stores.

Michael Kors






Besides all the leather goods, BENLUX also offers delicate jewellery from SWAROVSKI, an ideal gift for girlfriends.

Irish novelist Oscar Wilde once said: "Crying is for plain women. Pretty women go shopping". So, be a pretty lady in BENLUX without being bankrupt for next few months and enjoy your time in Paris!


Location:174 rue de Rivoli,75 001 Paris

Opening hours:Monday to Saturday: 9:45 a.m. - 6:45 p.m.
                           Sunday: 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.