Best cosmetics and skincare to buy in Paris (2024 update)

Cult French beauty products, food supplements and others tips to shop in Paris Pharmacies - drugstores


French skincare is rightly famed for its effective formulas, and French-made cosmetics are sold at reassuringly affordable prices in Paris. You can find pretty everywhere cosmetics there (Brand shops, shopping malls, beauty stores…). But for French people, the best place to buy them is Pharmacies, where you can get expertise and useful advice to find the most suitable skincare for you. In this article, we will introduce several trendy French skincare and food supplements that can be found in Paris Pharmacies: we have selected some of the best and most trendy products in 2024, and that are complementary one with another. If you are interested to shop for cosmetics in France, have a look at our special offer here.


Famous and Niche French brands: introducing beauty products and cosmetics Parisians love the most

France is for sure the country where the cosmetic brands per inhabitants rate is the higher in the world! There are new brands created almost every day, it’s not easy to choose one when confronted with this overwhelming variety. We selected some products that you could pick up next time you’re in France.

Pharmacie moins cher Paris

There are already famous brands or new trendy Parisian brands that are not yet famous abroad but very popular in France.


Nuxe: Huile Prodigieuse

Huile Prodigieuse is a very famous Multi-Usage Dry Oil Spray. This luxurious oil nourishes, repairs, and softens both your skin and hair.

Nuxe famous oil France

How to use it?

The Nuxe Oil is a great alternative to use as a moisturizer. Not only does it hydrate your skin but it is packed with tons of rich nutrients to help revitalize your complexion. But you can use it in many ways: as hair oil, body lotion, massage oil, shaving oil...


VICHY: Mineral 89

Before applying a Serum and cream, beauty experts advise using a booster to target specific skin concerns and to multiply the effects of the Serum you will use after. Many great French cosmetic brands develop their booster. it’s the case of Vichy, with Mineral 89 which is mainly made of Vichy mineral water and hyaluronic acid. It has a plumping, smoothing, and moisturizing effect on the skin.

Vichy Mineral 89 french cosmetics

How to use it?

Dispense two pumps per application before dotting it on the forehead, cheeks, and chin and using your hands to smooth across the face.


Algologie: Elixir de la Presqu'ile

Algologie products, made in the French north-western region of Bretagne, are doing local sourcing of their natural marine active ingredients. 97% of the ingredients are of natural origin. This anti-aging radiance Serum combines the pro-regenerating power of the seaweed Laminaria digitata with the Rainbow Algae, a powerful anti-stain active ingredient to correct all signs of aging. The Elixir smoothes wrinkles and helps skin regain firmness and density. The two-phase texture combines the lightness of a serum with the enveloping sensation of an oil.

Algologie french cosmetics

How to use it?

Shake the bottle before each use to mix the two phases. Apply 3 to 5 drops morning and/or evening to the face, neck, and décolleté, before skincare.


Darphin: Serum Eclat Sublime

Darphin where to buy Paris France

Serums are a great tool for treating specific skin concerns. Eclat Sublime is a high-performance oil-hybrid serum combining the efficacy and lightweight of a serum with the comfort of oils to rebuild & replenish skin's inner vitality. It strengthens skin's protective barrier and boosts collagen for a more youthful-looking skin.

How to use it?

Apply 3 pumps to face and neck after cleansing and toning. Massage gently with fingertips in an upward motion from the inner to the outer part of the face. Leave to absorb before applying your cream.


La Roche Posay: Hyalu B5 Serum

This Serum is anti-aging and ultra-hydrating by combining concentrated pure hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 for optimal effectiveness while also being suitable for sensitive skin. The serum helps repair skin by replenishing the natural moisture barrier, and the serum texture leaves skin feeling supple and hydrated.

La Roche Posay French skincare Hyalu B5 Serum

How to use it?

Fill the dropper with serum and apply 3-4 drops in the morning and/or evening on face and neck. It can be used alone or under a moisturizer.


 Uriage: Sérum Bariederm- Cica daily

Uriage is a brand that is often recommended by French dermatologists: the brand uses Thermal Water (from the spa town of Uriage-les-Bains, near the Alps) which has been used for 200 years for dermatological treatments. Their products are very efficient on sensitive skin. Bariederm Cica-daily high tolerance dermatological Serum strengthens, protects, and repairs damaged and fragilized skin. It is particularly recommended in case of dull complexion, discomfort, signs of fatigue, fine lines, small visible imperfections, or light redness.

Uriage Sérum Cica Daily pharmacie Monge

How to use it?

Unscrew the lid and press the top of the white stop down before releasing it to fill up the pipette. Use the pipette to apply to the fingertips or directly to the skin, in the morning and the evening. Massage into a perfectly cleansed, dry complexion.


Bioderma: Hydrabio Serum

Bioderma is a cult brand loved around the world and specializes in non-comedogenic products. Hydrabio light-weight serum provides dehydrated and sensitive skins with instant and lasting hydration. Hydrabio Serum increases moisture in your skin up to 57% within 15 minutes only. It also helps to visibly smooth skin.

Bioderma Hydrabio Serum

How to use it?

Apply Hydrabio Sérum on your face and neck, after cleansing and toning. Gently massage until fully absorbed.


Algologie: Elixir de l'Archipel

Algologie elixir de l'archipel

Elixir de l'Archipel is a serum enriched with Marine Prebiotic & Postbiotic to reduce blemishes, balance and unify the skin. It particularly suits problematic skin and reduces by 63% pimples in only a month. 98% of its ingredients are of natural origin.

How to use it?

Morning and/or evening, apply 3 to 5 drops with your fingertips to the entire face. Then apply your moisturizer.


Caudalie: Resveratrol-Lift

Caudalie Resveratrol Serum

Resveratrol-lift is an Instant Firming Serum that corrects wrinkles and smoothes the oval of the face. Its ultra-concentrated formula acts instantly for lifted features and visibly firmer skin. At the heart of the innovation is a vegan plant-derived collagen, combined with an exclusive anti-aging patent (vine resveratrol, hyaluronic acids, and vegan collagen booster) to stimulate all 3 types of collagen. 

How to use it?

Apply on face, neck and décolleté morning and night, under your cream.


Nuxe: Super Serum

Nuxe super serum Paris France

This Serum is a universal anti-aging concentrate with hyaluronic acid infused with thousands of micro-spheres of fractionated Botanical Oils. It stimulates the skin's youth mechanisms for extraordinary anti-aging effectiveness (correction of wrinkles, firmness and dark spots). It has a fresh and silky texture with subtle botanical notes that melt into the skin.

How to use it?

Dispense a pea-sized amount of serum or half a pipette, spread the texture lightly over the fingers and then apply to the face, always working from the centre outwards (avoiding the eye area). Let the texture melt into the skin for 30 seconds and then apply your moisturizer.


NYM: Sérum absolu fondamental

French cosmetics discount paris what to buy

100% Natural origin, the Absolute Serum combines the benefits of Neem (known for reducing acne and imparting a natural glow to the skin) with a rare plant species in cosmetics: the Poets’ Narcissus. This flower helps prevent and reduce brown spots and limit pigmentation alterations due to photo-aging. This moisturizing anti-spot treatment makes the skin firmer, the complexion more luminous, unified and radiant.

How to use it?

Apply morning and evening to the face, neck, and decolleté.


Avène : Vitamine Activ Cg Sérum correcteur éclat

Avene Vitamine c serum

Vitamine Active Cg Serum provides an instant luminous effect by correcting the radiance of the skin thanks to the trio of active ingredients; Vitamin Cg, Bakuchiom, Niacinamide. This product has 1.8% of Vitamin Cg which is recognized for its antioxidant effectiveness equivalent to 20% of Vitamin C. Niacinamide sustainably regenerates the skin and reduces the appearance of dark spots. Bakuchiom is recognized as a plant-based alternative to retinol, corrects wrinkles. It is made of 94% of natural ingrédient, and is suitable for sensitive skin. Its delicately scented velvety texture provides comfort to the skin.

How to use it ?

Apply morning and night on face, neck and décolleté, avoiding the eye area.


Uriage: Bariederm-Cica daily cream

Uriage Bariederm cica daily

The Uriage Bariederm-Cica moisturizer is a repairing and protective cream that also soothes irritation. With copper and zinc, it is ideal for damaged and fragile skin, and perfect for everyday little hurts (it can be used by the whole family).

How to use it?

Apply twice daily to skin that has been cleansed. It can be used on the face and body.


NYM: fundamental Absolue Cream

creme absolue NYM french skincare Paris

NYM Fundamental Absolue Cream is 100% naturally sourced, offering a highly concentrated blend of Neem's benefits with a unique mix of rare plant extracts (Lotus, Prickly Pear, Paracress) and entirely organic vegetable oils (Shea Butter, Argan, Apricot...). This velvety, refreshing cream absorbs instantly, leaving a silky-smooth finish or immediate comfort. It deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin, gradually smoothing wrinkles, firming the skin, and enhancing a bright, unified, and radiant complexion day by day.

How to use it?

Apply morning and night to the face, neck and décolleté, massaging in from the center outward.


Lierac: the Voluptuous Cream

french premium luxury cosmetics Paris

The voluptuous cream is a premium anti-aging treatment ideal for dry skins, specifically formulated to correct all signs of aging: deep wrinkles, loss of density, slackening, dark spots, slackened pores and uneven skin texture. It's ultra-comfort melting formula nourishes intensely and durably the skin.

How to use it?

Apply morning and/or night all over the face, and massage until fully absorbed.


Bioderma: Cicabio

Bioderma cicabio where to buy Paris pharmacy

 Cicabio is a soothing an renewing care that moisturizes, soothes, and repairs dry, damaged and irritated skins. It accelerates the healing of skin lesions on the face and body, after post-Dermatologic interventions (sutures, laser, peeling) or Skin irritations (such as cracks, broken skin, peri-oral irritation, erythema of the diaper, chickenpox). Unfragranced and non-comedogenic, it has a very good tolerance even of the most sensitive skins.

How to use it?

Apply a thick layer of the cream on the damaged area, after cleaning and drying the skin. Use twice a day until the skin is completely repaired. Can be used both in the face, as in the body.


Nuxe: Nuxuriance Ultra Night Cream

Nuxe creme French cosmetics to buy in Paris

This global anti-aging night cream works during the night to visibly correct the main signs of aging. It helps to revitalize, renew, and resurface the skin, which is instantly deeply nourished and more comfortable. It has a unique sensoriality thanks to its modern and elegant feminine scent. 

How to use it?

Warm a bit of the night cream in your hands, then apply to your face using both hands, keeping them flat and working outwards from the nose. Massage until the cream has been completely absorbed. Finish by placing your hands gently on both cheeks, then on your forehead and chin, then on and around the nose.


Ducray : Melascreen Concentré antitaches

Ducray Anti dark spot creme

This creme is an innovative depigmentation treatment for all types of brown spots thanks to its highly concentrated formula with more than 15% in depigmenting dermatological active ingredients. The complexion will be more uniform and homogeneous after 2 weeks of use. A fragrance-free cream with a light texture, non-greasy and non-sticky finish. It is suitable for all skin types and colorings. It is suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

How to use it ?

Apply morning and night on face, neck and décolleté. For optimal results, apply for a minimum of 1 month and complete the routine with sun protection such as Melascreen SPF50+ protective.


Talika: Eye Quintessence

French Pharmacy Eye contour

Eye Quintessence is a 2-in-1 (day & night) anti-aging eye contour moisturizer and serum. The formula refreshes the eye contour from the 1st application, and reduces the main signs of skin aging: the eyes are less tired, the skin is perfectly hydrated, the eye contour is smoother, the eyelids less droopy, dark circles reduced and puffiness less visible.

How to use it?

Apply to cleansed and dry skin around the eye, including the eyelid. Massage into skin gently with light upward motions. Apply Day Cream (white part) in the morning and Night Serum  (white part) in the evening.


Talika: Lipocils Expert

Talika Lipocils Expert

Lipocils expert is both an eyelash growth enhancer and a lash conditioner. It also repairs them from the damage the makeup has caused them. After 30 days of treatment, users noticed intense natural enhancement of their lashes which were visibly bolder, fuller, and more healthy. Lashes also become naturally darker due to stimulated melanin synthesis. The collector edition features a nice Parisian design which makes it a perfect gift from France.

How to use it?

Application is much like mascara, with the ergonomic and easy-to-use brush catching lashes easily while the foam tip allows for precise application at the root of the lashes. It can be used morning & evening, as a 28-day treatment, or all year long.


Caudalie: Vinosun Protect Invisible High Protection Stick SPF50

caudalie-french sun cream stick

Caudalie's Vinosun stick protects the face, lips and sensitive areas from UVA/UVB rays in a single invisible application. Its formula is nourishing but non-greasy. Fragrance-free and water-resistant, it is suitable for both adults and children aged 3 and over. Its convenient packaging means it's easy to apply and practical to use on the go. Can be used all year round and at any time of the day.

How to use it?

Apply the High Protection Invisible Stick SPF50 generously and evenly before sun exposure to the face, lips and sensitive areas: moles, scars, and tattoos. When exposed to the sun, reapply every 2 hours and avoid exposing yourself between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. Do not expose babies and young children directly to the sun. Wear a T-shirt, sunglasses, and hat during sun exposure.


Minois: hydrating shampoo

Minois Paris products

Minois is a Parisian brand that offers a line of natural care for babies and children, suitable from birth, made in France with the highest standards. Thanks to its coconut-based natural cleansing formula, this sulfate and silicone-free shampoo produces a soft, silky mousse. Its guar gum extract coats and smooths the hair fibers which helps with styling, whilst the organic orange blossom floral water, organic aloe vera and wheat protein leave the hair nourished, shiny and lightly fragranced. 

How to use it?

Apply to wet hair, gently lather, then rinse with clear water. It is suitable from 3 years of age and for the whole family, and ideal for regular use.


Roger & Gallet: Fragrant Wellbeing Water Spray, Fig Blossom (Fleur de Figuier)

Roger & Gallet is a very famous French perfume company founded in 1862 in the Heart of Paris. All their fragrances are imagined by French master perfumers, their bottles are invented by great French designers and their boxes are decorated with poetic artistic illustrations.

Roger & Gallet Fleur de figuier french cologne perfume

Fleur de Figuier is based on a fig pulp accord, heightened by crisp notes of fig leaves and refreshed by hints of mandarin blossom. It's a fragrance with both warm and fresh tones, and incredibly enveloping relaxing benefits.


Phyto Paris: Phytociane

phytociane hair treatment made in France

This botanical, drug-free revitalizing scalp serum helps slow down temporary hair thinning and supports the scalp's natural microcirculation to create an optimal environment for new hair growth. It particularly suits people suffering from temporary hair thinning and hair loss due to stress, Diet, pregnancy, medication...

How to use it?

On clean, damp hair, apply the treatment using the applicator tip, on the crown of the scalp, line by line. Distribute the serum on the totality of the scalp with a light massage. You can apply 3 times a week (The box contains 12 vials, 1 month of usage). You may continue using 1 vial per week for maintaining treatment. 


Botot: royal toothpaste with natural essences and Bain de bouche

Botot best toothpaste france king

Usually, French people buy their toothpaste in supermarkets. But when they are searching for more quality and health-oriented brands, they usually get them from drugstores. The French brand Botot is the oldest oral care French brand: the mouthwash elixir was created in Paris by the doctor Julien Botot for French King Louis XV in 1755. The brand still exists nowadays and keeps making oral care products. We particularly recommend their Cinnamon Clove Mint toothpaste, and the concentrated mouthwash elixir, inspired by the original formula of the King's mouthwash elixir.

How to use it?

You can use Botot water morning and evening after brushing your teeth, or whenever your breath needs. Pour a few drops into a glass of water and rinse your mouth with it by swishing vigorously.


Health products and Food supplements: some useful products that can be found in French Pharmacies

Where to buy food supplements in paris

France is not only the country of cosmetics, it is also the country of supplements and other health products. Many brands are making Made in France health products with natural vitamins, minerals, and plants. It is strongly recommended to seek the advice of a health professional before taking Food supplements: by buying them in a Drugstore instead of online, you can get useful advice from pharmacists. Here are some quality health products that could be useful for you or your relatives.


PILEJE: Microbiane Q10

Ubiquinol supports and strengthens vital organs and has been shown to play a role in supporting the body against heart conditions including hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease, congestive heart failure, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. With age, ubiquinol levels fall. Microbiane Q10 Age Protect provides 100mg of Ubiquinol per capsule, as well as Vitamine E, which helps protect the cells from oxidative stress. It is particularly recommended for Adults over 55 or High-level sportsmen and women.


How to use it?

Take 1 capsule a day for 1 month, and swallow with a glass of water. As a precaution, ask your health professional before combining Coenzyme Q10 and oral anticoagulants.


Aragan: Neuroprotect and Memoprotect

brain food supplement memory

Neuro-protect focuses on all the intakes of fatty acids to ensure normal functioning of the brain, such as EPA and DHA. It improves memory and concentration at any age and maintains a healthy brain. Memo-protect is also a food supplement to support the functioning of the brain, but it is more suitable for aging persons: Gingko Biloba and Choline help to maintain memory and cognitive functions, while vitamins B1 and B6 help the functioning of the nervous system.
How to use them?

1 to 3 capsules a day, preferably in the evening during the meal, to swallow with a large glass of water (during 30 to 60 days).


NHCO: Artixine


Artixine is recommended for joint comfort. With age, joint flexibility decreases: over time, the cartilage, the protective cushion in between the bones, wears away. The joints become painful and stiff. Artixine helps to relieve sensitive joints and maintain bones and connective tissues. Artixine particularly suits people over 40 years old, with chronic joint pain, arthritis.

How to use it?

The small pillbox contains a 3-week program, and the big one is for a 3-month program. During the first week, take 2 capsules morning and 2 evening, preferably with meals. During the other weeks, take 2 capsules only in the morning, preferably with a meal.


Vit'All+ : Lipowheat


LipowheatTM is a vegetal nutricosmetics that promotes even skin tone and skin radiance. Made from non GMO wheat, LipowheatTM is the phytoceramide (lipid) the most studied in the world. It is clinically recognized for improving skin tone, hydration and radiance of the skin, as well as for it’s antiageing effects (wrinkles visibly reduced).

How to use it?

Take one pill per day during a meal, with a glass of water.


Biocyte: Glutathione Liposomal

Biocyte france supplements

The Brand Biocyte became famous thanks to its very efficient collagen products. But Biocyte is also leading in the market of Liposomal supplements (The liposomes are micro-spheres whose structure is identical to that of the cell membranes: they coat the active substance and protect it from the external environment). Biocyte has developed a Glutathione Liposomal. Glutathione is a molecule that is an essential antioxidant for our body. It helps neutralize the free radicals (that cause damage to the tissues and organs). The treatment fives a daily 100 mg dose of reduced glutathione. In addition, the liposomal vitamin C contained in this food supplement acts in synergy with glutathione and protects cells from oxidative stress.

How to use it?

1 capsule per day with a glass of water (1-month program).


ArkoPharma: Omega 3

food supplements Omega 3 France

Thus dietary supplements is specially formulated for people wishing to maintain good cardiovascular function. Omega-3 fatty acids have been linked to many health benefits in particular promoting heart health, reducing inflammation, and protecting against several chronic conditions. 

 How to use it?

Take 4 capsules a day with a large glass of water, in a renewable 1-month program. If you are on anticoagulant treatment, ask your doctor for advice.


NHCO: Rétinium


Our eyes naturally lose their visual abilities through age, lifestyle and as a result of our diet. To preserve strong eye health, it is useful to provide the essential tissues of the eye (the retina, the lens, and the cornea etc.) with sufficient nutrients. Retinium combines two unique Morning and Evening formulas to achieve exactly this goal. The morning formula includes three complexes which are designed to help the eye maintain normal vision, protect against stress, and defend the eye from oxidative damage. The evening formula contains natural pigments and omega-3 fatty acids which contribute to the maintenance of good vision and natural vitamin E.

How to use it?

One white tablet in the morning, one brown pill in the evening. One box is for a month, it can be pursued up to three months.


Biocyte: Activ' Anti-rides

french supplement anti wrinkles

Activ’ Anti-rides has unique formula containing Glycoserum EF, vitamin C and zinc that acts at the heart of the epidermis to rehydrate from within and leave skin visibly younger-looking.

How to use it?

Take 1 capsule per day with a meal, a large glass of water, for 1 to 3 months.


Puressentiel: Decongestant Nasal Spray


Created for allergies, this nasal spray helps to treat and reduce the symptoms of allergic rhinitis without drying out the nasal mucosa. It decongests from the first few minutes, unclogs the nose for easier breathing, soothes irritated nasal mucous membrane, moisturizes and cleanses nasal cavities.

How to use it?

Shake well before each use and use within 2 weeks after opening. For adults, 2 sprays per nostril, for children (above 3 years) 1 spray per nostril (maximum 5 times/day).


Parapharmacie Monge, the best place to find the finest Beauty Products in Paris at discounted prices

You might ask why it would be better to shop in a Parapharmacie than in a random Beauty Shop? Well, for Perfume or Makeup it would not matter much, but as far as skincare and cosmeceuticals are concerned, it is always better to have useful advice from professionals. The pharmacists are trained to identify your needs and to suggest the best products according to your skin types, skin disorders…


There are few parapharmacie in Paris that offers such a large range of brands and products as Parapharmacie Monge. You will of course find all the best-sellers of the worldwide famous brands. But Monge also selects and introduces many niche Parisian cosmetic brands that you can hardly find elsewhere. It’s the perfect place to discover innovative and unique brands. Moreover, the parapharmacie Monge is very “tourist-friendly” with multilingual staff and the highest tax refund rate in Paris (15% instead of the usual 12%).

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Moreover, you can get an additional discount thanks to O’bon Paris couponclick here to check our special offer. Note that the 10% discount coupon can no be used on already discounted products. It is only available in the "tax refund / Caisse rapide" counter: show the coupon clearly before payment to enjoy the discount.

Parapharmacie Monge is located at 78 rue Monge. It is quite easy to access by Metro through line 7. You can get out at Place Monge station, metro gate 1. There is only one Pharmacy Monge in Paris! Monge is often imitated but never equaled.

Parapharmacie Monge is Opened Monday to Saturday, 8 a.m to 8 p.m. It is also open on the following Sundays and national holidays: January 1st, 7th, 21st, February 4th, 11th, 25th, March 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st, April 1st, 14th, 28th, May 1st, 5th, 8th, 9th, 19th, 20th, and 26th, June 23rd, 30th, July 28th, August 11th, 15Th, 18th, 25th, September 1st, 8th, 15th, 29th, October 13th, November 1st, 10th, 11th, December 1st, 8th, 15th, 25th, 31st, January 1st, 2025

Authors: O'bon Paris team
Photos: Phan Thanh Thuy and Yuka

Best cosmetics and skincare to buy in Paris (2024 update)

Parapharmacie Monge Notre Dame

Address : 78 rue Monge, 75005 Paris

Opening Hours: Every day 8:00-20 :00

It is also opened on the following Sundays and national holidays: January 1st, 7th, 21st, February 4th, 11th, 25th, March 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st, April 1st, 14th, 28th, May 1st, 5th, 8th, 9th, 19th, 20th, and 26th, June 23rd, 30th, July 28th, August 11th, 15Th, 18th, 25th, September 1st, 8th, 15th, 29th, October 13th, November 1st, 10th, 11th, December 1st, 8th, 15th 25th , 31st, January 1st, 2025