Paris Spring/Summer 2019 CHANEL

Chanel literally brought the beach to the Grand Palais this year!
Check out these eye-catching influencers, models attended on this year's memorable showat Spring/Summer Fashion Week.


Zerina Akers

Outstanding cerebrity fashion stylist based in NY and LA, with 70K followers on Instagram. Studied at the Art Institute of Philadelphia and LIM College in America, she succeeded in a position in a position to serve as Beyoncé’s personal stylist. Her balanced fashion with simple colour fits well with her pop hairstyle.


Susie Lau

Susie Lau, world famous fashion blogger, also appeared in the show with her purple coat from MIUMIU, with her brilliant lovely smile.
British Born Chinese by way of Hong Kong, she explains herself. Suzie’s blog “Style Bubble” attract more and more people and now it reaches 100 millions of view per month with 300,000 unique users. Her blog is receiving high evaluations for is realistic point of view. During the Fashion Week, she usually visits more than 30 events of fashion brands.


Sarah Ellen

Australian actress Sarah Ellen, with 830000 followers on Instagram, showed up with orange trench coat and pure white high heels.
She became highly recognized at the tender age of 13 when a video uploaded to her Youtube channel went viral. Her ethical style, and her passion for creativity are attracting more and more people in the world.


Amiee Song

For the final of the whole Paris Fashion show, the world famous fashion blogger Amiee Song showed up with her marvalous smile. She is LA based interior designer and her daily photos of elegant life style influence many people.


Camila Coelho

Brazilian blogger Camila Coslho also attended the show. She dressed up in a classic style with her yellow coat. She got a massive following on YouTube posting makeup tutorials.


Landiana Cercius

Landiana is a Romanian fashion model and vice-president of Feeric Fashion Week, the greatest fashion week in Eastern Europe. Now she is one of the most infulential fashion blogger followed by 440,000 people on her Instagram. She wore outstanding patterned pink dress.


’80s tweed

One of the outstanding feature and keypoint from Chanel’s collection was its ’80s tweed. The light color using and sparkling pearl-studded tweed fits perfectly with the sea set.


Many fashionable and influential girls gather in Paris during this Paris fashion week. Not only the shows, but there is also many event held by each brands and liven up Paris.


You never know when you encounter your favorite celebrities. be ready anytime during the fashion week to capture the moment.
And enjoy the whole exciting atmosphere of Paris!



If you didn’t have chance to come to Paris during the fashion week, you still can check many influential photos on each SNS especially on Instagram by searching from hashtags.



Written and photographed by : Leona Fujii