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Address: 16, avenue Blaise de Montesquieu, 77780 Bourron-Marlotte France
Transportation : Train to Montargis from Paris Gare de Lyon, get off at Bourron-Marlotte / Grez,


If you look at any movie with France as a backdrop you are bound to get consumed by its gorgeousness. There are many places in France that have a lot of stories about their past. Among them is the Chateau de Bourron, a privately owned and operated hotel. About an hour away from  Paris by train, where you can find an elegant France that you might have dreamed of.

The Chateau de Bourron is a historic monument dating from the 17th century and is located in a quiet village near the forest of Fontainebleau near Paris. With its spacious lawns, and beautiful French gardens, you can enjoy a relaxing a perfect French morning with fresh air.


You can enjoy leisurely strolls, or take advantage of the bicycles which can be rented from the hotel.  Also, there are outdoor tennis courts and table tennis to enjoy .

The horseshoe-shaped stairs of Fontainebleau Castle can be seen in the Chateau de Boulogne. If you feel a little familiar with this place that’s because it has been featured in several films and TV series and magazine shoots.


This place is often used as a wedding venue. A wedding in a French castle! Just imagine how romantic would that be! Sigh!


When you take out the secret door inside the window, you turn into a space surrounded by mirrors.

Perfect for a luxurious rejuvenation.
Also, it is filled with old books all over the world, so you can enjoy the study space.

Seminar rooms for companies and groups are also available.

Breakfast is served here in the dining room. A continental breakfast is served, with a small number of guests, so you can have a quiet breakfast in an elegant dining room with marble floors and high ceilings.

Next, we head to the rooms of Chateau de Bourron, which is decorated with beautiful concepts for each room. The Chateau de Bourron is managed by a young hostess.

Chateau de Bourron has 9 rooms on the castle’s main building. Depending on the size of the room, it costs 240 - 520 € per night. All rooms are kept clean and have a large bathroom, so any concept room will be satisfactory.

This room, which was impressive with its sunny bathrooms, is one of the most recommended rooms in Chateau de Burron.


Designed with linen fabrics, the interior of the room is decorated with portraits of the young King of Rome and the Montesquieu Madam, and the decorative fireplace of Louis XV has been restored.


This room was designed keeping in mind the influence of Mrs. LeCamie, a famous socialite of the 1800s. It is decorated with a golden canopy bed that resembles her, who has been praised as the heroine of the salon for her beautiful appearance and outstanding knowledge, and colorful and elegant ornaments.

This historical room, the room where the Polish Princess Marírez Szeczynski, the Queen of Louis XIV, visited the castle welcomed guests, is distinguished with a turquoise copper decorative arch to commemorate Louis XV.

A suite with high ceilings, classic furnishings and stylish Bordeaux colour bedding. It’s a room which leaves a lasting impression on you.


In addition to the castle main house, there is also a small annex to the Chateau de Bourron, called the Dalutan House. There are 5 rooms decorated in a modern style.

This room, with its warm sunlight coming from the arched windows, is a combination of white and grey, giving it a very modern feel.


You can also see each room on the first and second floor, which boasts of unrivaled simplicity. Of course, the rooms of the Dalthan House also have comfortable bathrooms in each room, offering the most comfortable stay.


Dalathan House has a modern public kitchen with simple cooking facilities.

In the basement of Darthavason House, the wine cab of Chateau de Bourron is hidden. It seems to have kept the mystery of the 17th-century Chateau, giving it a special feeling of old wines and a private atmosphere.

If you want to experience an elegant night in a French castle and experience a different experience in France, you can take a break from Paris and experience the Chateau de Bourron in the vicinity.


With luxurious guest rooms and various spaces of the castle, you can create memorable romantic memories. And live a movie scene yourself.

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