Chez l'alouette -French Restaurant

Category: French cuisine

Address: Rue du Champ de l'Alouette, 75013 Paris

Transportation: Metro Line 6 Glacière Station

Business hours: 8:00 - 23:45 daily


Chez L'Alouette is a French restaurant that is popular with the locals of Paris. The restaurant is located at the corner of L'Alouette and can be found at Subway Line 6 and off at Glacière. The restaurant is surrounded by Ottoman-style architecture. This area is not very crowded with tourists, thus making it a hidden gem in Paris.



The restaurant is named after the street it resides in. At lunchtime, the restaurant's open-air seating area is full of foraging office workers, taking advantage of the lunch to enjoy authentic meals and French cuisine. The store has some retro furnishings, typewriters, etc reminding you of the era gone by.


At first glance, the brown sofa and wooden chairs, giving the first impression that it's an American BBQ and Hamburg restaurant. But with the typewriter, old books, and some retro furnishings, you would feel like your time traveling.



Main Course

Lamb Steak with Mustard Sauce

Go for an unusual lamb steak cooked to perfection as per your desires paired with the yellow mustard sauce, full of aroma and not greasy, perfect match.It comes with the side of potatoes and fresh herb salad.


Bass with Rissoto

Bass is fragrant juicy, fried to a crispy surface, and with the aromatic olive oil sauce.


Confit duck

A highly recommended dish perfect aroma, cooked just right filled witt juices and salad and crispy potato on the side=Perfection



Apple pie and vanilla ice cream

The pie wasnt too sweet with a little tartness.Balanced with the sweet vanilla flavour. best desert choice post lunch


Lemon tart with Meringue

Faint lemon flavor, with a slight sweetness. Accompanied by espresso coffee to be a perfect ending.



French steak cooked degree: saignant (rare) bloody three cooked, à point (medium) five cooked, bien cuit (well-done) full cooked.

Bon appétit!


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