Easy to be Parisian

Chez PRUNE - French Food Restaurant


CATERGORY : French Classic Food

ADDRESS : 36 Rue Beaurepaire, 75010 Paris ( Metro Jacques Bonsergeant Line 5)

OPEN HOURS : Mon-Sun 8am-2am (12:30 am if you want to get a seat. Before 6 pm if you want to get a seat for a drink in the evening.)

PRICE : from 13 € to 20 €

TIPS : if you go to Chez Prune, you will behave like a real Bourgeois Bohême of Paris (Bobo). The Brunch of Sunday is the most appreciated.





Chez Prune is a good address for lunch or for drinking in the evening. The restaurant offers few but good day sets. Chez Prune is the meeting pla

ce for Canal Saint-Martin's Bobo (Bourgeois Bohême), especially in the evening and on Sunday's brunch. The rest of the time, clients are the neighbor local workers. Chez Prune is not a touristic place, but a genuine old café of Paris.





We advise you to order the day set. Otherwise, we have very liked the following dishes :

- Parmentier de Veau (14€)

- Saumon Poêlé (14€)

- Assiette aux Deux Viandes (13€)




Parmentier de Veau : which is veal with mashed potatoes, salad and roasted bread.




Saumon Poêlé : which is fried salmon with rice, and vegetables.




Assiette aux Deux Viandes: which is a mixture of dried ham, cooked beef, minced meat with vegetables and taboulet.





Chez Prune is a grunge and old café with high ceilings and soft light. The population is very local. In the evening and on Sunday, the café is crowded of young Bobo from the neighbor. It may be a bit squeezed and noisy on one hand, on the other hand, very typical, very warm as a typical Paris' café.







The café-restaurant Chez Prune is a good address for your lunch break during your visit of Canal Saint-Martin and a good opportunity to experience local evening and weekend's life of Parisian.