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The Latest Trend in French Medical Grade Skincare and Anti-Aging

Cible Skin Paris

Welcome to the heart of luxury and opulence in Paris—the 8th arrondissement! In this hub of political and business elites, luxury brands, and star-studded hotels, Cible Skin Paris, a prestigious French medical grade skincare brand, presents its medical skincare center, Maison Cible Skin, at the core of this vibrant district. Founded by Dr. Raphaël Aknin, blending skin regenerative medicine, Maison Cible Skin sparks an unprecedented wave of innovation in skincare and anti-aging, marking a significant shift towards a more precise and efficient immunological era in French medical grade skincare.

International Celebrity-Endorsed Skin Care Sanctuary

Emily in Paris

Forbes has honored Cible Skin's Maison Cible Skin as the "Best Skincare and Anti-Aging Center in Europe," attracting numerous international celebrities from the entertainment industry and elite figures from politics and business. Regular patrons include Lily Collins, Camille Razat, and Ashley Park, stars of the globally acclaimed series "Emily in Paris." Let's take a peek at the celebrity-grade services and the revitalized skin experience they offer!

Exploring Cible Skin: A 360º Immersive Sensory Journey

Nestled within a 19th-century elegant Haussmannian building, Maison Cible Skin features iconic Burgundy reds and graceful French curves symbolizing various skin forms. The moment you step in, you're captivated by the warm, delightful, and relaxing atmosphere of this French skincare heaven.

Your taste buds are awakened by a dazzling welcome juice, specially crafted by their professional nutritionists—an invigorating "Skin Beauty Cocktail" with four meticulously blended variants. Each drop is cold-pressed to awaken your senses for a comprehensive revival.

Skin beauty cocktail

Experience the Exclusive Research-based Skincare: Witness the Miraculous Transformation of Your Skin

Here, the commitment to personalized precision care is first evident in the detailed skin diagnostic process. Driven by cutting-edge technology, it accurately captures 3D images and multidimensional indicators of the skin, generating personalized assessment reports. Skincare therapists tailor individualized "skin prescriptions", efficiently targeting the core needs of your skin.

Skin diagnostic in Paris

aesthetic Paris

Maison Cible Skin has developed four specialized skincare experiences (click here to learn more) focusing on cleansing and repair, radiant nourishment, anti-aging resilience, and lifting and firming. On our first visit, we experienced the latest V-shaped Lift—Lift Care facial treatment, and the anti-aging—Renew Cellular facial treatment.

The Lift Care treatment

V shaped treatment

The Lift Care is a high-intensity focused sculpting and lifting treatment, using AccentPrime™ technology, seamlessly combining targeted ultrasound fat dissolution and radiofrequency lifting techniques. It stimulates collagen and fibroblast regeneration, effectively addressing skin sagging, particularly tightening the jawline and improving the double chin appearance, rapidly sculpting contours and revealing a V-shaped face.

The Renew Cellular treatment

Renew Cellular treatment

The Renew Cellular treatment is designed for those seeking a comprehensive anti-aging and rejuvenation solution. It uses "needle-free Mesotherapy" to inject the breakthrough anti-aging patent IDANS® into the skin's depths, effectively strengthening the skin's immune system and activating LGR6+ stem cells. Combined with radiofrequency anti-aging therapy, it promotes collagen production, smoothes wrinkles, and enhances skin elasticity and radiance.

Anti-aging treatment

Whether you are immersed in the tightening charm of Lift Care or eager to embark on the comprehensive anti-aging journey with Renew Cellular, Cible Skin ensures to provide a care experience beyond expectations, allowing your skin to transform, heal, and radiate.

Skin transformation Paris

Customized "skincare prescriptions" are tailored for each guest, with dedicated skincare therapists providing long-term companionship, developing treatment plans, offering daily skincare advice, and tracking progress, witnessing the delightful transformation of your skin.

Explore Cible Skin's Most Popular Products: Infuse Luxury Care into Your Daily Skincare Routine

With the support of the medical committee, Cible Skin has developed the IMU series, an immunological-grade skincare line, meeting the highest industry standards to address various skin issues and needs. The entire product line has received a perfect score of 100/100 on the authoritative French national health ingredient evaluation app Yuka.



Let's introduce three best-selling products from the Cible Skin IMU series:


Re cellular anti-aging

This intensive 28-day repair serum is rich in 12.5% of Cible Skin's proprietary international anti-aging patent IDANS®. It activates stem cells from the source, promotes hyaluronic acid regeneration, builds a collagen network, and significantly enhances the skin's immune system, allowing the skin to self-renew from the source and delay aging. This product is also applied in the most crucial serum injecting step of the Renew Cellular treatment.



Ultra brightening mask Paris

This is a three-dimensional brightening mask with precious anti-oxidant and moisturizing ingredients: the complex of Ergothioneine and Tricholoma Matsutake Mycelium Ferment Extract. LA CRÈME CULTE not only provides an instant brightening effect upon application but with prolonged use, it noticeably improves skin texture. 



Best hydration product

A hydrating and soothing serum used by Cible Skin doctor’s post-phototherapy. With an extremely lightweight texture and superconductive penetration technology, the essence is instantly absorbed into the skin. It is especially suitable for post-treatment maintenance, seasonal sensitivity repair, emergency hydration for dry skin, and as a primer for makeup hydration.

O'bon Paris Tips

French medical grade skincare

- Single Treatment Price: 240 euros ( including tax)

- Treatment Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes (60 minutes treatment + 30 minutes skin analysis and skincare consultation)

- Maison Cible Skin offers services in multiple languages, including French, English, Chinese, and Arabic. They have also introduced various types of treatment annual cards, allowing you to invite friends to share in the experience at more favorable prices. (Click here for more information).

- Present O’bon Paris coupon (Click here to download) to get a box of polyactifs masks (6 pcs, valued at 50 euros), and a 40 euros voucher offered for the cosmetic range after the completion of your treatment. 


The Paris beauty 2024 awaits you at Cible Skin Paris — a convergence of elegance and innovation.



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