Paris always attracts lots of tourists, but it becomes even hotter during Paris Fashion Week. In June, Paris Fashion Week for men was held, followed by Paris Fashion Week Haute-Couture in July. Paris Fashion Week for women is held from September 24th to October 2nd showing S/S 2019 collections. Dior held the show at Hippodrome Paris Longchamp, the racecourse near Paris.  


One of the first celebrities who arrived in was Camille Rowe, a model and an actress in the U.S. and France. She is a world famous model speaking English and French. After being a model for a perfume campaign of Chloe, she developed her career as a model, collabroating with many other brands. Whatever she wears always becomes a sensation. 


Less is more and black is always chic and stylish.


Another celebrity who coordiated with black color was Yoyo Cao, a designer from Singapore. She is famous for styling her clothes matching well with her. Even with too much decorated clothes, it looks just perfect and natural when she wear them. 


Sofie Valkiers, a famous fashion blogger from Belgium, appeared with a dress which was one of the collections from 2018-2019 F/W Dior. She is running a blog 'FASHIONATA' with the passion and thoughts about the fashion. She is also an author of <Little Black Book> which describes her know-hows and her philosophy about fashion. 


Shailene Woodley came to Dior Fashion Week. She played her role perfectly in the movie <The Fault in Our Stars> and recently in <Adrift>. She appeared at the show with darker makeup than in the movies. 


A famous model in Japan, Emma also attended the show. Born in 1994, she is loved widely with her cute appearance and the exceptional sense of fashion style. 


One of the most famous twins, models and singers from Japan, Amiaya sisters. They showed very outstanding styling with plaided pants and skirt and red fur jackets adding a simple mini saddle bag. 


A Korean influencer Kieunse also attended the show. She is a life style influencer dealing with cuisines, fashion, and interior. She wore checked clothes with deep red color which matched perfectly to the breezy autumn weather and which was one of the collections from Dior 2018-2019 F/W. Her clothes were consistent with the place as Dior Fashion Week was held at the racecourse.


Leonie Hanne, a fashion and life style blogger. Posting fashionable and attractive photos on Instagram, she collabroated with many famous brands including Cartier, Tommy Hilfiger, and Tory Burch. She also chose the clothes from 2018-2019 F/W collections, a see-through dress with flower patterns. She completed her style with bold and showy accessories. 


Negin Mirsalehi, a fashion blogger from Netherlands. She is famous for characterful fashion styles and was once ranked one of the most influcential bloggers. She wore an elegant dress matching with the cute saddle bag and giving a final touch with a bold necklace.


Marina Ruy Barbosa, an actress from Brazil, wore a skirt from 2019 Cruise Show. Styling overall with warm pink tones, her fashion blended perfectly with the season. 


A world famous fashion blogger Amiee Song also attended the show, showing the elegant patterned skirt and shoes with laced blouse, which is from 2019 Cruise Show. She is a Korean-American, and her fashion styles always become a worldwide sensation. 


Valentina Ferragni and Chiara Ferragni sisters, fashion specialists from Italy. Chiara Ferragni was ranked in the first by Forbes in 2017 as the most powerful fashion influencer. 



Dior Fashion Week was hot with celebrities and their fashionable styles. Angela Baby and Blake Lively also attended Dior show getting a spotlight. When you travel during Paris Fashion Week, strain your eyes as you might encounter celebrites on the street unexpectedly.  


Written and Photographed by : Yuna Lee