EDD hostel : the best place to stay near Mont Saint Michel


Address: 18 Rue Pierre Semard 35120 Dol-de-Bretagne

Transport: 2h09 by TGV from Paris, just after the exit B at the station of Dol-de-Bretagne

Amenity: bodysoap, hair dryer, padlock, umbrella (rental bathtowel for 3€)

Price: dormitory from 20 €/night , private room from 50€/night

Check-in 15:00、Check-out 11:00



Le Mont-Saint Michel is one of the destinations you cannot miss in France. Near the Mont Saint Michel, EDD hostel locate very close to the station of Dol-De-Bretagne and it takes only 30 minutes by bus to the Mont Saint Michel. You can also easily visit the beautiful Bretagne cities like Saint-Malo, Dinan, Dinard, etc.

If you exit from B, you'll see this lovely wooden hostel just in front of the station. This hostel has just opened on February in 2018, by the owener Emilie who has traveled around the world for 15 months. Emilie decided the best place to have her own hostel in Dol-De-Bretagne with easy access to each cities and beautiful sceneries.


Through the relaxing terrace, you can check in at the reception desk. This modern fashion reception is also the cafe/bar counter. The stuffs will warmly welcome you and able to speak multiple languages.


What makes you surprise is this tidy and clean room. Many people use hostels mainly to sleep and go out for the next trip, but in this hostel, you may feel even more comfortable than at your home!


In each shower room, hair & body wash is already equipped.


For lovers, or those who want to take a rest alone, we'd recommend the private room. This room is a private room with one loft bed and its own bathroom with toilet and shower. You can share the spirit still having your privacy. Bathtowels are included already.



EDD cafe is a modern style, cozy cafe where you can sit for a long time. The poster collection on the wall is so cute that you wouldn't miss taking pictures.


After you unpack the stuffs and settle down, or after your travel, you'd like to take a cup of coffee or glass of cidre. The coffee will be served in a Bretagne traditional ceramic cup, Kemper. You can get these ceramic products in any city in Bretagne.


What makes you feel comfortable more, is the EDD hostel stuffs. The EDD stuffs love Bretagne culture and landscapes. you may get some advices what to do, where to go, etc.



If you have time to explore this city, you can climb up to the small hill of Mont-Dol. Around the sunset time, it has a splendid refreshing view from the top of the hill. You can rent bicycle at the hostel, too.



Enjoy your Bretagne breakfast with O'bon Paris coupon. You can get crepes and a drink. This caramel creme is Bretagne speciality.

(This menu could change after the renewal open.) 



We'd recommend to stay more than 3 days. Other than Mont Saint Michel, you can also visit some Bretagne city such as Saint-Malo, Dinan, Dinard, Cancale.


Written and photographed by:Leona Fujii

Translated by : Leona Fujii