After getting a visa validated either for Schengen or The United Kingdom area, the very next thing to consider is the "transportation", we all cannot deny that the transportation is the main issue to be concerned while traveling. Whether it is by airplane, train, bus, rental car, or public transportation in a specific city or country.




To travel by airplane considered to be the fastest way to commute either within or across the countries. In almost every country, the main airport handling the international flights are located in the capital city yet far away from the city center, however, there could be a smaller airport handling the domestic flights or flights within European Union located on the other side of the city. Therefore, if you choose to travel by airplane, you must spare some time to travel from the city center to the airport which usually takes 30 minutes to 1 hour or more depends on each location.

A small trick in order to look for a cheap flight ticket, you can go to Skyscanner, the website where it compares the flight ticket from every airline available for a specific destination on a specific date. There you can modify almost every bit of detail you wish including the number of stops, departure time, journey duration, airports, and airport. One of the most popular airlines that offer cheap flight tickets within and across Europe is RyanAir, Vueling, and EasyJet

Do not forget that to travel by airplane, despite the time to commute to the airport from city center, you should also spare at least 2 hours before the flight departure time to get through all the security and immigration process. If you get through quite quickly, just do some shopping at the duty-free shop in the airport, it is the most enjoyable time!


Train station in Europe



When landed on the ground, the most effective medium to travel is by train, honestly, European train seems to be most convenient yet accessible to almost every destination tourists wish to go to across Europe and The UK. Each country will have its own train company that operates all the train commuted within and across the countries. In order to get an appropriate price for the train ticket, it is recommended to book in advance. However, the train ticket will always become more expensive during the rush hour (Friday evening and Sunday evening) and high season. It is better to plan ahead of where and when to go.

Besides the local train operators, there are 2 different train ticket that would allow you to take any train you want at any time you wish from anywhere you are which considered being another great option, it helps to save a lot of your time!



Interrail Pass allows you who are the residents of Europe (European citizens and non-European who are an official legal resident of European countries) to travel at ease by hopping on the train exploring and discovering more than 40,000 destinations by 37 railway and ferry companies in 30 countries! Interrail Pass covered almost all train companies in Europe, you can just simply show your Interrail Pass, hop on the train, sit back, relax, and enjoy the landscape from the train window. 

There are 3 types of Interrail Pass which are:

(1) Interrail Global Pass (from 208€)

Suits you best if you wish to explore several countries at your own pace of up to 30 countries across Europe. Good news is that Interrail Global Pass also includes the Eurostar train commute between Paris, London, Amsterdam, and Brussels! Who else would say no!? The pass is available from 5 days to 1 month, depending on your preference. The traveler under 27 years old also gets an extra discount!

(2) Interrail One Country Pass (from 51€)

Perfect for the one who would like to dive deeply into the cultures and friendships in one of your favorite countries. Available for 30 countries, which country would you like to visit for the next trip? It also includes popular destinations such as Italy, Switzerland, The Benelux (3 at a time!), France, Germany, and Norway.

(3) Interrail Premium Pass (from 124€)

The word "premium" says it all. Interrail Premium Pass allows you to travel comfortably without worrying if you would have a seat on the train or not. You can have your seats booked in advance with this pass without paying any extra fees. Children can travel for FREE with an adult who is holding this Interrail Premium Pass. How premium is that!?

You can only reserve your Interrail Pass via Interrail website at



Similar to Interrail Pass, but Eurail Pass is for non-European residents who live outside Europe. Eurail Pass covered 28 countries across Europe, a little bit less than what Interrail Pass covered yet surely more than enough for you to see! If you are more than 28 years old and plan to travel in pairs or group, you can save 15% from the normal prices, so why not?

There are 3 different type of Eurail Pass which are:

(1) Eurail Global Pass (from 307€)

Ideal for anyone who would like to experience a new kind of adventure, accessible up to 28 countries with just 1 pass, available for a short trip from 5 days to a long stay of 3 months continuously. Pack your bag and then off we go!

(2) Eurail Select Pass (from 133€)

This is special if you are planning to visit 2-4 adjoining countries among 27 countries available for Eurail Select Pass. It is fully customized that you can freely choose any countries you wish to visit and select the number of days you wish to stay. If you still have no idea of where to go, Eurail Pass has a popular destination available for you to choose from. The pass does not cover only the train, but you can also take the ferry if you are holding the Eurail Select Pass and travel between Italy and Greece.

(3) Eurail One Country Pass (from 53€)

Pick one of your favorite countries among 27 countries of choice and spend the whole vacation experiencing deeply into the culture, food, people, and a whole lot more. One of the most popular destinations for Eurail One Country Pass is Italy, France, Spain, The Benelux, Portugal, and Sweden.

You can only reserve your Eurail Pass via Eurail website at


Bus in Europe



If the train does not suit your style of traveling or you find the train ticket quit expensive than you expected, we would recommend you to travel by bus which seems to be the best alternative after all. Bus ticket usually cheaper than train ticket and as well takes longer to commute. There are many bus operators in Europe, however, the major bus companies in Europe are FlixBus, OUIBUS, Eurolines, and National Express. If you cannot decide of which company to go with, go to the website ComparaBus or GoEuro where it helps to compare the bus ticket price from all the bus operators available for your choice of destination and time. 

There is also a choice of "night bus" where you start your journey at night and arrive at the destination in the morning, you would be spending most of your nighttime sleeping on the bus, so by doing this, not only that you can save your budget from an expensive train ticket, but also the accommodation. 


Public transportation in Europe




Finally arrive at your dream destination, in the city in Europe, the most common public transport will be metro (or tube as they called it in England), tramway, and bus. Some cities might have a bicycle or scooter rental services scattering around the city. Nowadays technology made it so easy to travel, with the help of Citymapper application or website, you can explore or find the best way around the destination you wish to go. Just select your city and type in of where you would like to go, Citymapper will list down all the possible way available for you.

Citymapper is available for 19 countries 39 cities worldwide, and in Europe, it is available in England (London and Birmingham), France (Paris and Lyon), Belgium (Brussels), The Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, and Randstad), Germany (Köln-Düsseldorf-Ruhrgebiet, Hamburg, and Berlin), Italy (Milan and Rome), Denmark (Copenhagen), Sweden (Stockholm), Spain (Barcelona and Madrid), Portugal (Lisbon), Turkey (Istanbul), and Russia (St. Petersburg and Moscow). 


Apart from the application that surely can be a great assistant, there is the "Pass/Card" for each country/city that will allow you to take the public transportation for free and unlimited in a period of time. Moreover, you will also get to access to the major attractions and museums for FREE and a good discount for the admission fees, hotels, restaurants, and so much more. I amsterdam City Card for Amsterdam, Copenhagen Card for Copenhagen, and Lisboa Card for Lisbon are the great examples. 


Car rental in Europe



In case you are traveling in a big group, the cheapest way to travel may be to rent a car and drive all along the highway, singing, and enjoying the time. The major car rental companies in Europe are including Hertz, Avis, Europcar, Budget, Enterprise, Dollar, and Thrifty. Not knowing of which company offers the best price? Just simply go to Rentalcars, the website that will help you search and compare the price of the car rental in order to save more cost and travel freely!

The age requirement of the driver is usually between 21-70 years old. Note that if you are under 25 years old, you may have to pay an additional fee of a young driver. In order to drive in Europe, you must hold a valid international driving license. Most important thing is, do not forget to check whether the country you are going to drive on the left- or the right-hand side, this is tricky!