Ez Village is beyond the mountain called Tête de Chien (meaning of the dog's head), heading westward from Monaco and known as one of the most magnificent spots in France. Eze village is often introduced as an intermediate point between Nice and Monaco, but in reality it is located closer to Monaco. Every year tourists visit this village nestling in the beautiful Mediterranean to climb the steep mountain and see small resident, narrow alleys.


Access from Nice to Eze Village

You can go to Eze village with the bus line 82 that will pass by Nice city. Line 82 operates at approximately one hour interval, but depending on the traffic, it may be more than that, so it is a good idea to check the timetable in advance to make a plan.

There is also a station named Eze of TER (local train), but it is located by the seaside, and in order to go in the village where you can actually go sightseeing, you still need to get on the bus line 82. So, we recommend you to take bus no. 82.



Picture taken outside bus window while going to Eze. I hwas able to see a lot of beautiful and plain texts in the scenery while on the bus. But my experience was that the sea outside the window, which I saw on the Cote d'Azur regional train called TER, was better than the bus.

I would recommend the TER train to those who are comfortable, because it allows you to see the Mediterranean more easily.


I reached the village of Eze located at a height of about 400 m above sea level. You can see the botanical garden and the church.


Eze Villa is famous as a medieval village, but there seems to be some areas rebuilt by residents who moved residence by avoiding a fire which was in 1980.


The village itself is very small and looks as though it would only take about 30 minutes to tour the entirity of it, but in reality it is surprisingly complicated due to the narrow roads that are like a maze. Don't worry about reading a map or gertting lost, take time to enjoy the atmosphere of the village by simply taking a stroll.



By the life of Charles-Emmanuel III in the 18th century, the church built by Italian architect Antoine Spinelli.


The interior is beautifully decorated in Baroque style.


A cushion was placed around the shopping area to allow pedestrians to relax.


There are galleries and small boutiques lining the areas. Why don't you choose a small gift of the French Riviera for your family and friends?



The botanical garden located at the top level of Eze Village you can see various cactuses. The panorama seen from the top is a magnificent view.

Admission: General 6 € / Student 3.50 €



Eze has a restaurant named Chateau Eza, which is on Michelin, but because it is a bit expensive, over 50 euros for lunch, this time we visited Le Nid d'Aigle, a cafe restaurant where you can see the sea from the window.

Business hours: Monday - Sunday 9: 00 - 17: 00 Closed Wednesday

Price range: 10 - 20 euros


Pasta and pizza are recommended at this restaurant. Moreover, I think that it is good to take a slow look at the Mediterranean Sea while having a coffee or hot chocolate.



When I was down the hill of Eze village, I found a Fragonard fragrant store. They sell not only perfumes and soaps, but also cute accessories.

Opening hours: Monday - Sunday 9: 00 - 18: 00



It is a village where you can stop by to see the blue Mediterranean sea. Eze village standing quietly on the cliff. I felt that time was flowing slowly here. I would like to try visiting again in the beautiful summer sun.


Author : Han Jae Un

Translate by Gisella Alisya