Address: 113 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris

Open: June 23 - August 26, 2018,

Sunday - Thursday 11: 00am-12: 00am, Friday - Saturday 11: 00am-1: 00am

Admission: Free admission; ~5 euros per ride



The Tuileries Amusement Park returns to Paris every summer. This amusement park is located in the iconic Tuileries garden, full of Parisian sensibility, and open from June 23 to August 26 this year.


As soon as you enter the park, a sense of nostalgia will overcome you. Surrounded by pleasant screams, familiar smells and a feeling of envy for the young children running through the grounds. There is a large variety of games, rides and snacks. Take a spin on the big Ferris Wheel that sits in the corner of the park, when you get to the top you will have one of the best views of Paris.

 One of the main attractions here is the log flume water ride ! During the hot summer days, getting splashed on this ride will bring some relief from the burning sun. The fair wouldn't be complete without this thrilling ride. 



Although this amusement park is only temporary, it doesn’t feel like it. The scale itself is small, but it is not as small as the pleasures you can feel here.

This is the most exhilarating ride in the park.. Everyone focuses their attention on it as it suddenly launches in the air as if taking off into space. You can record your ride with a camera and check your reaction after.


Adults and children alike can enjoy this special summer event. Bumper cars, mini trapezes, large slides, carousels, water balls and all sorts of other exciting games.


You won’t be able to resist a sweet treat while you’re walking from ride to ride. The sugary aroma is almost overwhelming. Enjoy a huge cotton candy, a frozen slush, some ice cream or a crepe dripping with nutella.


On one side of the amusement park there is a snack area, as well as a restaurant and bar where guests can enjoy food and liquor. 



The Tuileries Amusement Park, where romance and concentricity coexist like in the movies. It is such a delight to have these attractions right in the center of the city.


You can escape from the daily bustle of Paris to enjoy rides for all ages, restaurants, snacks and delicious desserts all in the immediate vicinity of Paris. Be sure to stop by the Tuileries Garden to enjoy the fun before it’s too late.


Written and photographed by Yuna

Translated by Claire Wilmink