Georges François

 Georges François
Address: 36 Rue Delambre, 75014 Paris
Transportation: Metro 4, 6, 12, 13 Montparnasse Bienvenüe Station
Business hours: Monday to Saturday 9 am ~ 9 pm / Sunday 9 am ~ 10 pm
Tel: +33 1 43 20 52 34



In Asia, people generally tend to buy flowers for festivals or for certain occasions. But in the Paris, daily life is incomplete without flowers. Floral decorations are the French way of life.



The founder of this shop, Mr. Georges François, is one of the most famous florists in Paris, and is also famous for his overseas flower shop, with the beautifully crafted bouquets and essential oils made from flowers.



In addition, he is particularly great at using flowers to do decorative meetings, festivals, banquets, fashion shows and other activities.



Shop owner Mr. Georges François



Georges Francois deocrated for the KENZO's 50 anniversary birthday celebration dinner . He has also worked with big names such as YSL.



In his later years, Mr. Georges Frrançois has worked a little differently, and he said that his florist staff had been reduced from thirty people to only a handful. Even the store has become smaller and more refined because his direction has changed - from radical expansion, to now just wanting to really engage with the customers more direclty and not try to expand but pay undivided attention to every floral arrangement.



Mr. Georges François is very proud to say that his bouquets are small and exquisite, pure and elegant, the bouquet itself is his natural signature. One look at the bouquet, and you would recognize his work.



The bouquets in the store are beautifully decorated with partial Japanese style and are particularly liked by Asians. In recent years, more and more asians  have come to the store, Mr. Georges François said he was shocked but happy by Asia's rapid development and welcomes them with open arms in his store.



In addition to selling flowers, they also organize floral courses in Paris, floral interest groups and so on. If you love flowers, don't hesitate to join the next session!