La Galcante


Paris is a city where the past and the present live in harmony. There are cafes that opened in the 1800s and hundred year old buildings that are ridiculously stunning. In particular, Paris is proud of its splendid ancient and modern history.


La Galcante

Address: 52 rue de l'Arbre Sec, 75001 Paris

Access: Metro line 1 Louvre-Rivoli

Opening hours: Monday - Saturday 10:00 - 19:00 (Closed on Sundays)


When you enter the passage and walk through the store door, your journey begins. This travel site is a bookstore that collects media related materials.


As soon as I opened the door from the entrance, I could smell the scent of a pleasant old book. The bookshelves were packed up to the ceiling with newspapers, and underneath were colored magazines and postcards.


A photograph of a beautiful woman, a picture of a glamorous pin-up that would have been attached to a young man's room or locker, and the news of the assassination of Jangzore, a young delivery boy on July 31, 1914. Behind the traces of yellowing years are stories that we will never know.


News from France's first daily newspaper Journal de Paris on Monday, August 14, 1786. It is so old that it is different even in spelling. On the first cover, the weather is divided into breakfast, lunch, and dinner, showing the sunrise and sunset time, as well as the temperature, airflow, pressure, level of the Seine river, and the turn-off time of the streetlight.


On the left are traces of spectacular French writers such as Jules Verne, Baudelaire, Conan Doyle, Alexandre Dumas, Seinong, and Emile Zola.

In the center is a handbill of Gallery Lafayette department store. Japanese copper, marble, precious metals, light bulbs and other expensive items at the time. Feather and flower advertising is especially eye-catching, and it seems to have been decorated with colorful hats that were popular in the early 20th century.


When you look at fashion magazines of the same age, you can see that the hat has been fashionably decorated with feathers and flowers.


Now the remnants of those who are long gone, remain in one place.


Michelin guide published annually.



On the other side, there are newspaper articles and old books organized by country, people, sports, and so on. Sometimes he borrows from a documentary channel or newspaper. On the right, you can find Michael Jackson's name, and the 2009 death toll.


If you open the inner door and go down to the basement, there are other treasures hidden.


Several magazines and illustrations stand in line by theme, and are waiting for the touch of a person.


The purchase price is around 25 euros per newspaper, and if historical events are recorded, the price will go up. A light-colored newspaper can be used as a nice interior item and it is sometimes sold as a gift.



Thank you to PARIS FACE CACHÉE for finding O'Bon Paris' second book. PARIS FACE CACHÉE opens its doors at the end of January or early February of every year in the forbidden districts of Paris. Before the scheduled time, the contents of the program will be kept confidential and the place will be displayed only on the ticket. In addition, competition is fierce because it is possible to book only on the Internet at a fixed time. If you are in Paris at the right time will you accept the challenge?



Author Hong Soon Min

Photo: LE GNOC