la Taverne de Zhao — authentic Chinese Xi'an Restaurant

CATEGORY: Authentic Chinese Xi’an Food

ADDRESS: 49 rue des vinaigriers, 75010 Paris ( Metro Jacques Bonsergeant Line 5)

OPEN HOURS : Mon closed ; Tue-Sun 12hoo – 14h30, 19 h00 – 22h30

PRICE: from 5 € to 20 €

TIPS: Casserole food is perfect during winter, and Steamed Cold Noodles taste best in summer.



Located in the very cool area of Canal Saint Martin, La Taverne de Zhao serves authentic Chinese Xi’an food. The Chef Mr. Zhao Baoyan who is a friendly and welcoming person is a native of Xi'an city and was born into a family of cooks. You might notice that Chinese restaurants in Paris adapt their recipes to French local taste, on the contrary Mr Zhao’s highest desire was to make genuine Chine culture better know by local French. So, he wanted to serve fresh, not expensive and genuine Chinese Food (not adapted to French). He then got the idea to open his restaurant la Taverne de Zhao that offers simple good Chinese choices with limited variety of excellent Xi’an sets, the city where he was born.



We have visited la Taverne de Zhao many times and tried most sets. There are actually 3 main sets that are illustrated by the pictures below : 

The casserole food that includes rice noodles, noodles, udon noodles is a great set to eat in winter to warm your body up. It may be a little spicy, however you can ask the waiter to put less spice in your casserole. The casserole is a big portion and very generous in food. Steamed cold noodles that may be more appreciated in summer time, they include classic spicy steamed cold noodles, sesame paste steamed cold noodles. 


 M1 Chinese meat bread which is western Chinese bread with meat inside. 


S6 Udon chinois cuit au pot which is rice noodles with vegetables and meat. 

S5 pain chinois cuit au pot which is soup with bread. 


L1 Liang Pi sauce sésame are cold noodles with vegetables and sesame sauce. 

Chinese meat bread includes Chinese pork bread, Chinese egg with bean curd. This bread is unique in Paris. This is the first time we have eaten such delicious Chinese sets in Paris. We highly recommend them. And the restaurant serves other picks like shredded chicken and drinks like plum syrup. We have tasted their Gong Bao Ji Ding which is excellent as well.



While eating here, you feel like you are in a Chinese home that respects the guests. Guests are mostly local usual Parisian clients and some Chinese that have discovered the secret place. Outside, the all-red decoration makes this restaurant very bright, just the same as its authentic cuisine. Inside, the paper-cuts of Xi'an on the wall, the colourful cups on the table and other decorations, makes the restaurant a relaxing dining environment. At noon, the shop is full of customers, but the service is very efficient and attentive. 


the soldiers of Xi'An 



La Taverne de Zhao is a really unique Chinese restaurant in Paris. If you want to taste Chinese food that you do not know, this is the place to go for great food quality, a nice atmosphere and the low price! 

Contact Information: @latavernedezhao (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) 


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