CATEGORY : French Food and Wine Restaurant 

ADDRESS : 3 boulevard de la Madeleine ( Metro Opéra line 7-8-3 or Madeleine line 8-12-14)

OPEN HOURS : Mon-Sat 10 am-8:30 pm

PRICE : from 25€   


LAVINIA is most famously known for its huge wine shop in the very center of Paris (near Opera). But this shop hides a secret : its wine restaurant. There, you can eat delicious premium French food with authentic French wine coming directly from the shop (more than 100 references ). Plus, in LAVINIA's restaurant, you can drink wine without paying the normal restaurant's corkage fees. So, dine with great wine at a cheaper price. 



In French restaurants, we recommend to try the daily sets which is always the freshest. When we were there, we had chosen the following sets: cold scallop in lemon, black pudding with cooked apples, and French Truffle Pot au Feu. 


 Black pudding with cooked apples


French Truffle Pot au Feu. 


You can see on the menu that main set prices start from around 25 euros so you can guess the general price for lunch is not very cheap, but you will be very happy with the food, we can promise you that.



You will be eating in the middle of wine shop, this is quite unique. 


This is the entrance of the shop, to find the restaurant, go upstairs. 


And if you are lucky, the chef will come and make you taste some suprises like these French Truffles. The Chef is quite famous in Paris.

Bon appetit!


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