CATEGORY: French Restaurant 

ADDRESS: 70 Boulevard de Strasbourg, 75010 Paris ( Metro Gare de l'Est Line 5, 7, 4)

OPEN HOURS: Mon-Sun 8 am-2 am

PRICE : from 11 to 20€   


Le Buffet de la Gare is a good place if you need to wait for a train at Gare de l'Est (all the train that go to Reims, Strasbourg, Germany and Eastern parts of France ). It is better to arrive before 12:30 because at that time the restaurant is not yet invaded by local Parisians and the earlier you arrive the earlier you will get your meals.  



The place serves fresh and simple formulas. We have eaten there regularly and all the formulas are very good. Below are our selections. 


 Bavette d'Aloyau avec gratin dauphinois which is beef meat with potatoes gratin. 


 Risotto de Saint Jacques 8 champignons which are scallops with rice and mushrooms with cream. 


 Sandwich toasté which is simply a club sandwich with fries. 


 Café gourmand which is café with a set of varied desserts (chocolate mousse, cakes, cookies).  A great part in Buffet de la Gare!



This restaurant provides a homey atmosphere. The waiters are few and they know most clients. We can feel the local spirit. 



This restaurant in Paris has the best value for money. For sure, you will eat good, flavourful food.  We loved the ambience and service, but it can take up to 15 minutes to get served during rush hour.


   Take a look at the map-O'Bon Paris Map