Le Domaine Skincare

Natural premium anti-aging skincare from Provence


Every year, there are more than 170 new cosmetics created in France, which makes it difficult to identify the new Niche brands that need to be followed, tried, and that are going to boom. We recently discovered, Le Domaine, a French brand created last year, that clearly stands out from the other new brands and is a real game changer in the cosmetic world. We will tell you why in this article.


What makes Le Domaine a unique skincare brand?

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There are several elements that make Le Domaine Skincare a unique brand. First of all, the brand creation has a unique background and story. It is linked to a specific "Terroir" as well as the encounter and collaboration of several key people. The brand is also a very efficient anti-aging one based on years of scientific research. Last but not least, Le Domaine Skincare is a natural brand committed to the environment.



A brand with roots grounded in a Terroir

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A Domaine in French (or domaine viticole) refers to a wine estate in the countryside, with a long tradition and deeply rooted in a "Terroir" (which means a specific land, characterized by factors such as soil, climate, elevation, local environment, sun exposure... that makes the local production of wine or food unique and different from other "Terroir". The story of Le Domaine indeed starts in a specific"Terroir" very famous for wine, the Rhône Valley (Provence region). Where wine estates, centered around a unique land, have been farmed and protected by the Perrin family for five generations. Nowadays, the Perrin Family (7 brothers, sister, and cousins) work together on their land, sharing similar values of authenticity, simplicity, and respect for the family. Very respectful about their "Terroir", the family is also always innovating, which led them from the business of wine to the world of Cosmetics, with Le Domaine. 



An innovative brand based on Scientific research

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The genesis of Le Domaine started fifteen years ago, when Professor Pierre-Louis Teissedre, with the laboratories of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Montpellier and the research units of the University of Bordeaux, started research on Perrin’s domaine grapes marcs. The researchers aimed to characterize and identify which combination of grape varietals had the most potent antioxidant effect to treat diseases. They discovered an exclusive patented active compound, GSM10, made of upcycled organic grape marcs from Famille Perrin (Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre seeds) with proven efficacy on antioxidant, anti-MMPs (Matrix Metalloproteinases, as collagenases), balancing the skin (positive action on skin microbiome). Its effectiveness is very strong, as it can delay oxidation at the cellular level. It provides protection against oxidation if the product is applied regularly, and over the long term, limits skin aging.

Professor Nicolas Levy, a world expert on human aging and a leading researcher on Progeria (an extremely rare, progressive genetic disorder that causes children to age rapidly) also joined the team project and discovered another exclusive patented active compound: ProGR3, made of 3 natural ingredients (Resveratrol, Apigenin, Catechin). This combination of plant extracts targets Progerin, a mutated protein involved in the 12 known mechanisms responsible for cell senescence & aging. It has proven efficacity in slowing down hallmarks of aging, reduction of progerin toxicity, slowing down the signs of skin aging.

These two exclusive patented active compounds are the key elements of Le Domaine skincare's high efficiency on the skin aging process.



A French skincare brand cofounded by Brad Pitt


Le Domaine is also the result of a love story and a strong friendship. A love story between Brad Pitt and Provence: he literally felt in love with Provence and its original beauty, where he started living in 2008, before buying the Château de Miraval in 2012. The Domaine de Miraval includes 50 hectares of vine. For it's wine, Brad Pitt sought advice from experts and ended up meeting Perrin family. A friendship started. Together, they decided to create le Domaine, through their passion for infusing science with nature. It brought to life a luxury skincare collection delivering powerful results for well-aging, thanks to years of research by Professor Pierre-Louis Teissedre and Professor Nicolas Levy.

However, this does not make Le Domaine a “Celebrity Brand” (a brand that does not bring unique products, but only a marketing strategy that uses a celebrity's fame and image to promote a brand), as Le Domaine hinges on years of Scientific research, which enabled the creation of high-efficiency products.



A premium anti-aging Skincare brand with high efficiency


Human beings are not always on an equal footing, but when it comes to skin aging process, we are all concerned, regardless of gender and background. The skin aging process starts as early as in the 20's, and is increased by environmental factors, genetics, nutrition, sun exposure... Le Domaine teams prefer the use of “well-aging” to “anti-aging”. As it is impossible to win against the process of aging, the idea of the brand is not to fight the process but to accompany the skin for a better, smoother aging process.

Through clinical testing under dermatological control, and implementing in vitro and in vivo tests, Le Domaine products have shown powerful results. Le Domaine is also the only brand to carry out placebo-controlled clinical trials on its products, removing active ingredients to pinpoint the source of their efficacy.



A natural experience

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The brand values are shaped by Nature, with the idea of going back to the essence of things and reconnecting to what we really are. A core value of the brand is the respect for Nature and circularity: “It is about imitating nature’s organic cycles, its original beauty. In nature, there is no concept of waste. Every discarded thing becomes the nourishment of another. This is the circularity of Le Domaine”, Brad Pitt.

The main ingredients are the Grape marc, or pomace, the solid waste left over from pressing grapes into wine and which used to be thrown away before. Le Domaine uses exclusive ingredients that have a 100% traceable origin to the Vallée du Rhône and Provence, and are eco-extracted by natural means, directly on the lands of the Perrin family. All the products from le domaine have a reusable oak cap, upcycled from the wood left over from the Perrin’s wine barrels. The packages use FSC paper and the least amount of plastic (and only post-consumption recycled plastic).

Le Domaine is committed to the B.Corp certification (a designation that a business is meeting high standards of social and environmental performance) and to green beauty, with refillable products and formulas that are 96.4% to 99.4% of natural origin. The formulas exclude ingredients that are subject to controversy regarding the environment of the natural balance of our body (a very strict blacklist excluding parabens, silicones, microplastics, mineral and synthetic oils, EDTA, animal origin ingredients, MIT, Triclosan…)



A non-gendered brand with sensoriality


The products of Le Domaine are targeted towards natural aging, regardless of gender, and work for all human skin types. It's quite a bold choice when the very large majority of brands, mostly for marketing purposes, create ranges of products uniquely for Women or Men. Except for marketing reasons, there are usually no skin differences that justify creating skincare specifically for Women (the main difference will be in the perfume used in the products). With Le Domaine, you have the opportunity to buy or offer a romantic gift: a product that can be used by a couple, to help them well-aging together. The brand chose to incorporate no fragrance (for the serum), or neutral fragrance created by Grasse Parfumeur that would suit both men and women, for more authenticity. However, it does not affect the experience since Le Domaine skincare products are very sensorial, with a unique scent, and pleasant texture.


Discover Le Domaine skincare products Collection

Le Domaine skincare range is for now limited to 4 products, one cleanser, one serum, and two moisturizers. But in cosmetics as well and in life, quality is more important than quantity: the brand founders decided to start with a short and efficient Collection with the most relevant products to build and efficient anti-aging beauty routine.


The Cleansing Emulsion - L'Emulsion nettoyante


With its airy and smooth texture, The Cleansing Emulsion creates a fine foam to gently cleanse the face and wash away impurities and leaving it perfectly clear and fresh. Formulated with soothing and hydrating grape water, it is enriched with nourishing and hydrating ingredients and contains no sulfates. The skin is revitalized, becoming hydrated and supple, having regained its radiance and beauty. It contains the exclusive GSM10 to curb the visible effects of aging on the skin.

How to use it?
The Cleansing Emulsion can be applied in the morning and evening to cleanse skin, on the face and neck, using gentle circular movements. You can use it in two steps: first use it dry, to capture makeup and impurities for deep cleansing. Then, when moistured with a little water, it becomes an emulsion that completes the cleansing process.


The Serum - Le Sérum

le domaine Serum made in France skincare

The Serum contains a very high concentration of GSM10 and ProGR3, the two exclusive ingredients that curb the visible effects of aging on the skin. With just the first application, The Serum gives the skin a boost making it more unified and refining its texture. After a month, The Serum has a visible global anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effect: revitalized and protected, the skin becomes smoother and firmer, having regained its radiance and appearing visibly younger. Formulated with hydrating and soothing grape water, The Serum is enriched with two vine flower sister cells, with a complexion-improving and skin-beautifying effect. It contains hyaluronic acids which hydrate and smooth out wrinkles. With an ultra-silky texture, it is absorbed easily by the skin, leaving It intensely hydrated and plumped.

How to use it?
Apply one drop to the palm and one to the fingertips. Spread the product on both hands and apply it evenly to cleansed skin. Perform a short massage with the fingertips to allow the serum to penetrate and optimize its boosting effect.


The Cream - La Crème

le domaine the cream anti-aging

The Cream is rich in GSM10 and ProGR3, it is also made with moisturizing and soothing grape water, nourishing organic olive oil and karité shea better, as well as ayurvedic plant extract which has known anti-fatigue properties. With a whipped cream texture, it leaves the skin soft and comfortable throughout the day. It hydrates the skin, perfectly, nourishes it intensely and protects it, making the skin suppler and smoother, relaxing its appearance. Looking more dense and regenerated, the skin is plumped and regains its radiance and glow. Clinical scoring tests have shown that after 28 days of use, The Cream is significantly anti-wrinkle, has an anti-fatigue effect, and improves the radiance of the complexion and the glow.

 How to use it?
Apply with the bio-resin spatula morning and/or evening onto a clean face and neck, using upward smoothing movements to help the cream penetrate and stimulate microcirculation.


The Fluid Cream - La Crème fluide

the fluid cream le domaine

Similar to The Cream regarding the presence of GSM10 and ProGR3, it is formulated with hydrating soothing grape water, it is enriched with unifying niacinamide, and ayurvedic plant extract, which has known anti-fatigue properties. Its fine, non-sticky texture absorbs easily, leaving the skin silky and soft. It hydrates intensely and soothes the skin, which appears energized and uniform in complexion. Revitalized, the skin is fresh and smooth, with a new radiance.

How to use it?
Place two drops in the palm of your hand, warming it slightly to spread it over the entire surface of your hand. Apply on the skin using upward smoothing movements, to help the cream penetrate and stimulate microcirculation.


The Cream or The Fluid Cream: which one to choose?

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With its silky whipped cream texture, The Cream is thicker and richer and suits perfectly drier skin. The Fluid Cream is lighter: with its fluid, non-sticky texture, The Fluid Cream is quickly absorbed to leave the skin feeling silky-smooth. It is recommended for normal and combination skin types.

Another option can be to use The Fluid Cream during the day and The Cream as a night cream. You can also use The Cream during winter and colder periods, and The Fluid Cream during spring and summer.


Luxury Collection and Essential Collection

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In the Luxury Collection, each glass bottle is topped with an oak cap that was hand carved in the French mountains. Every cap is unique and can be fitted on the products from the Essential Collection to be reused later. All products of the Luxury Collection are presented in an elegant gift box to further highlight their aesthetics. They also contain plastic caps to better fit them in a bag.

With its minimalist packaging, the Essential Collection is meant for those who like to keep things simple and light. Their recycled plastic caps make them the ideal choice if you’re looking for a travel companion, a refill, or if you prefer your skin routine as a discreet presence in your home.


Where to find Le Domaine skincare in Paris?

 There are not yet many places where you can find Le Domaine in Paris. However, as a unique and new trendy brand spotter, Parapharmacie Monge is the first one to display Le Domaine skincare Collection. Located in the heart of Quartier Latin, 10 minutes metro from Louvres (Line 7, Metro Station Place Monge), Parapharmacie Monge is famous for offering all the best French brands, from worldwide famous ones to niche brands. Tourist-friendly, Monge has a multilingual staff and a particularly high rate of tax refund (15%). Moreover, with O'bon Paris coupon, you can enjoy a 10% discount on cosmetics that are not already discounted (click here for more info).

Location: 78 Rue Monge, Metro Station Place Monge, exit number 1

Author and photos: O'bon Paris team