Le Relais de la Butte

Emily in Paris Beautiful Terrace Restaurant at Montmartre

Le Relais de la Butte is a restaurant where Emily, Mindy, and Alphi had brunch together in the series Emily in Paris Season 3. Located next to Sacré-Cœur Basilica at Montmartre, you can enjoy a meal or some drink with a beautiful Montmartre view from the terrace.


An Instagrammable French restaurant of Emily in Paris

Le Relais de la Butte exterior

Le Relais de la Butte is a traditional French restaurant founded in 1672. Since the building was an inn in the past, it has a somewhat unique red exterior. 

Le Relais de la Butte interior

The interior of the restaurant is old French-style architecture. It is not that big but has a comfortable and cozy atmosphere, which makes us feel comfortable and warm. It is better to seat inside when the weather is cold or rains. Then you can have a meal while seeing the beautiful Montmartre view without being cold.

antique ornaments Le Relais de la Butte

Also, its stone walls and many cute antique ornaments are very aesthetic, which will be a perfect background to take Instagram-able pictures. Calm music is played throughout the whole restaurant, so you can enjoy food in a very relaxing and romantic mood. The warm home-style food is served one after another.


Le Relais de la Butte Menus

The restaurant provides sincerely prepared food from entrée to desserts. For entrée (starter), they recommend the sardine marinade, and for plats (main course), the succulent veal cutlet au gratin with parmesan is a popular dish. For dessert, moelleux au chocolate is recommended. The average is about 8-13 euros for entrée, 15-18 euros for plats, and about 8 euros for dessert.

Le Relais de la Butte menu

If you cannot decide what to choose, you can choose the chef’s suggestions, from entrée to desserts, or today's dish(Plats du jour), which changes by the chef every day and costs about 16 euros. Moreover, they have some vegetarian dishes so it will be a good choice for vegetarians. Not only a full-meal menu, they also offer breakfast menus including croissants, jam, and butter with coffee, tea, or orange juice every morning, and brunch menus as well so that you can wake up late on weekends and start a relaxing day. To enjoy the end of the day, you can also enjoy a glass of wine and various cocktails with cheese and ham plates.


Le Relais de la Butte Plats du jour

Plats du jour entree salad

O’bon Paris team chose Plats du jour in this restaurant. This is the Plats du jour on the day we visited Le Relais de la Butte. The plats du jour has two options, entrée and plats or plats and desserts. We ordered both options. This is the entrée, fresh green salad with crêpes. The crêpes were very crispy and salad was refreshing, which was prefect to start a meal.

Plats du jour plats

The dish consisted of Rôti de dinde farci, made of turkey, and Gratin dauphinois, which is the traditional gratin of sliced potatoes. Unlike soft meatballs made of beef or pork, Rôti de dinde farci was way denser, making us feel full compared to its size. It balances very well with the smoothness of Gratin dauphinois.


Le Relais de la Butte desserts

Plats du jour desserts

And the dessert was a nut cake. The combination of soft cake and sweet nut cream made it taste like it would make us happy. The colorful decoration which reminds of spring was great as well.


It would be definitely a good experience to start the weekend leisurely with a cup of coffee at Le Relais de la Butte, just like Emily in the series. Or if you had a hard day, you can end the day here with a glass of wine and a cheese plate, looking at this beautiful view of Montmartre.


Author : Yewon
Photos : Yuka 

Le Relais de la Butte

Address : 12 rue Ravignan, 75018 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 12 Abbesses station / Metro line 2 Pilgalle station

Opening hours : every day 08:00 – 01:00