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Leanor Bio is a French organic brand in the heart of the Pyrénées which uses Donkey Milk. Raised in the pure respect of organic farming, and fed with organic cereals, herb, and hay, this donkey milk is rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and an essential fatty acid-Omega 6, which improves the suppleness and the hydration of the skin. Minerals from the donkey milk also deeply clean the skin by removing dead cells.


Nicolas and Louis, the founders of Leanor Bio, have successfully recieved the AB label thanks to their hard and ethical work. They have been taking care of more than 240 donkeys for over 10 years. Louis has more than 20 years experience and was even involved in the launch of some of the most famous Organic Cosmetics brands.


100% of their products are made in France and the donkeys are born and bread in France within the organic farming system. Their efforts to make products natural and effective really show. There is no conversion of the milk, no colouring agent, paragon, silicone, or GMO. Their products are certified ORGANIC with the new european label COSMO ORGANICS.


Their ethic to make cosmetics are remarkable when you compare the ingredients to other brands. Leanor Bio make their products with organic Donkey milk and Aloe vera while the other brands are mostly consisting of water and mineral oil. You can feel the difference just from the texture.


They also launched a special line of products for babies. On every product, the ingredients are clearly marked which allows you to feel relieved to use them. These products, including cleansing milk, mineral water, and moisturising cream, protect the skin of babies without stimulation. The products are made of 95% organic ingredients without artificial or harmful materials.


The products for babies and adults are all natural.



Their newly launched sheet face mask is widely loved in France. It is for all skin types and shows an great effect right away. Natural Hyaluronic Acid attract and retain water molecules for a deep and long-lasting hydration. Containing organic donkey milk and vitamins, minerals, this mask will revitalize the epidermis.



This mask consists of 92% organic ingredients and 25% organic donkey milk. Containing organic tea tree essential oil, it eliminates the bacteria against spots and blemishes while deeply purifying skin. 



This sheet mask is perfect to reduce wrinkles while firming the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin fibres. It instantly reinvigorates the skin. 



You can check more detailed information about the products on the Leanor Bio website. If you are looking for a pure and reliable skincare product, start with Leanor Bio.