Vanves Flea Market


Vanves Flea Market

Address : av. Marc Sangnier, av. Georges Lafenestre.

Access : Subway Porte de Vanves station line 13

Opening Hours : Every Saturday and Sunday 7:00 - 13:00


Vanves Flea market is one of the biggest flea markets in Paris. Located just one minute from metro line 13, Porte de Vanves station, this market opens every weekend ( saturday and sunday ) at 7am until 1pm.  


It's primarily an antique market but you'll find vintage and often very good used clothing, as well as other second hand stuff. The Vanves flea market specializes in smaller and packable things like old silverware, posters and more affordable items. There is a handful of furniture and larger home-decor pieces.


Most of them are not working anymore, but it could be nice to have an old film camera for 30 euros and a coffee grinder for 20 euros to decorate your home.


There were plenty of pontential "treasures" to look over. Oodles of vintage jewelry, lace, artwork, and decorative home decor items.


These sculptures have very fine detail and are inspired by Cubism of the 20th century.


A tapestry that draws attention with various colors.


Instead of buying stock photos from the shopping mall, why not buy a single image that fits your preferences? These beautiful prints are only 10 euros.



There is a vast selection of tableware, offering a specialized selection of silverware, porcelain plates, dinner sets, tea and dessert sets from different eras.


If you are lucky, you can find  vintage, mid-century, modern and antique paintings from the best painters such as Vincent Van Gogh. The paintings could possibly turn out to be worth millions!!


Bring the look of your room together with a hand stiched carpet from Turkey or Morocco.


This flea market only accepts cash. Bargaining is encouraged. If you don’t speak French write out your offer price on paper or use your cell phone.  Make sure to get there early so you don’t miss out!


Author, Photo : Han Jaeun

Translate : Gisella AZEVEDO