A city two thousand years old that situated on the meeting point of the Rhône and Saône rivers. Lyon is the third largest city in France. Lyon, which became a major transportation hub, has developed into a representative commercial city of nature. As a city of Gastronomy, Lyon is famous all over the world for the art of fine living. With many Michelin-star restaurants, famous chefs, typical "bouchon" restaurants, café bistros and avant-gardist dining experiences.



For tourists and visitors of lyon city, the public transport system is the 1st choice. Whenever the distance is too demanding, most of the tourist choose to get around using public transport. Not only is it cheaper than taxis, it's a challenging and more authentic way to navigate around a new place. The distance from the old town to the train station  takes about 40 minutes by walk, so most of them prefer to take the metro. 

The Lyon Metro currently consists of four lines and the ticket prices are 1.80 euros for one trip ticket and 5.60 euros for 24 hour tickets.



Address : Rue du Premier Film, 69008 Lyon

Operational Hours : Tuesday - Sunday 10: 00-18: 30 / Monday Closed

Admission : EUR 7 for adults, free for students under 26 years old


The museum is the original home of the Lumiere brothers, who invented Cinema and some of other stuff as well. The museum occupies the house built by one of the Lumière brothers and is adjacent to what was their huge factory.   This is where they made photographic papers and other materials, prints and films, invented film and produced the world's first movies.  A really nice museum for those who are interested in the history of cinema and old villas. The mansion itself is very impressive, a big and gracious old building.



Address : Cité Internationale, 81 Quai Charles de Gaulle, 69006 Lyon

Operational Hours : Check the exhibition schedule on the site

Admission : EUR 8 for adults and EUR 4 for students under 26


The Lyon Museum of Modern Art is operated by special exhibitions without a permanent exhibition. Make sure you check the museum for a particular exhibition before making the effort to attend.


The Biennale Lyon exhibition was held in the museum every two years from September 20, 2017 to January 7, 2018.


These performances are held under Scenic's big top on the banks of the Rhône River. The old buildings located on the hills just Behind the old town.



 The architecture is therefore very symbolic and represents the city of Lyon.



The old town of Lyon, which has existed since the Middle Ages and has many buildings of the Renaissance period. Lyon old town is situated across the Saone River from the Presqu'ile district at the heart of Lyon's beautiful and thriving centre. Old town is full of monuments, excellent restaurants and pretty, narrow streets. It is easy to get to by public transportation but best explored on foot.


 Boulangerie du Palais Lyon, The best Lyon Bakery. This famous bakery located in the city center are fresh and handmade daily. The Brioche aux praline roses and the Allumettes aux pralines are excellent.


The pastries with Pralines roses are excellent but you need to get their early if you want any. Sometimes they were completely empty of stock. Unique flavor of praline was definitely one of the best sweets. It has this sweet aroma without the taste being so sweet nor overwhelming.  this is incredibly delicious french desserts in Lyon that must be tasted.



The cathedral is in the center of such a beautiful part of Old Lyon!  Dominating the old Lyon a highly impressive cathedral with its astronomical clock. The clock has been around for centuries and it has its original mechanism of the 14th century.


There are two ways to get to the famous Basilica of Notre dame de Fourviere, which is located on the highest hill in Lyon from the old town. The first is to walk up the stairs and it will take around 15 minutes. It is not recommended for hot summer or cold winter.


The second way to get to the Cathedral is by using this special cable car. The Funiculaire cable car, which takes you up the slope by rail, runs only a limited distance from Vieux Lyon station to Cathedral station, about 3 minutes.



The Basilique is marvelous from the outside. You see it from almost any place in the city on the top of the hill above the old part of the city. Day and night!  The best view from Lyon and one of the most beautiful Basilicas of France. Outside the Basilique you can find places with a fine view towards west and see both the Saone and the Rhone river and a big part of Lyon.


A real stunning sight. And inside it is even more fantastic - the mosaics are beautifull and splendid.


Outside the Basilique you can find places with a fine view towards west and see both the Saone and the Rhone river and a big part of Lyon.

You can see the iconic Basilica from all over the city and at night when you are at the riverside it is beautifully illuminated. From the hills, you can step outside to have a wonderful panoramic view of Lyon.


Author, Photo : Han Jaeun

Translator : Gisella Azevedo