The favorite restaurant among Kensington locals

Whoever said that English dishes are not good? Contrary to its reputation, England is a culinary country which has many Michelin star restaurants. Fish and Chips are considered as the most typical English food whereas English does not eat it that often. However, we cannot miss the good English food being in England. Let's get going to Maggie Jones's, one of the best English homemade food restaurant, located between Kensington High Street and Kensington Church Street.

Maggie Jones's has been a favourite place of all time for over 40 years among Kensington local people, being loved by their friendly service, gorgeous decorations, and the classic British dishes that have been beautifully cooked and served with heart.


Comfy atmosphere restaurant like at grandma's home in London

The restaurant stays calm in spite of many customers. Flower buckets, beehives, candles slid through their wine bottle, pots on the wall, warm-coloured light, wooden furniture make a comfy atmosphere as if you are at your grandma's home. These all made up a rustic yet cosy and romantic sense. Classic.


Apart from the beautifully decorated flower pots, sweet and romantic. This farmhouse-style decoration could not miss having a bow, scale, and classic wooden clock that build up even more of an antiqueness and familiarity.


English traditional dishes in London

Traditionally, England has roasted meat dishes much more than vegetables and fishes by the reason of its climate. Maggie Jones's has a generous menu for you to choose and today, we will take you to explore and get to know more about English traditional dishes, going through the starter, main dish, dessert, and should-never-miss tea time. Great way to end the meal.



Once you are seated, a slice of bread and butter are served before they start to serve the lunch menu. It may seem simple, but who doesn't love bread and butter?



Duck Liver Paté being served along with fresh salad and pickle, freshen you up in midday. The brown crispy bread comes as a Duck Liver Paté's companion. The liver maintains its proper flavour without any bitter taste, particularly when a sour pickle balance the creamy texture of the paté.



After finishing up the starter, the main dish is being served. We Instantly pour its gravy sauce and cut the pork belly into pieces. The pork skin was crispy, crunchy, and delightedly chewy at the same time, fat and meat were so soft and rich. It went well with the sweet and sour apple sauce. Mashed potatoes help you to enjoy this dish even more. The main course lunch set at Maggie Jones's is always served with vegetables of the day.



Here comes a sweet time. Apple crumble is one of the best English homemade desserts. With a perfect combination of sweet and sour from apple and buttery taste from the crumble. Who will deny this? By the way, take care of the hot dish as it is freshly made and serve hot!



A perfect way to end a meal! Tea time! Though milk tea is not included in the menu, we couldn't miss tea time in London. The taste of the tea does not depend on the type of tea merely, but also on the beauty of its teacup and the circumstance of the moment. Tea time at Maggie Jones's couldn't be more perfect.


O'bon Paris' tip

Friendly services, traditional taste of dishes, magnificent decorations, these all are impressive. Maggie Jones's will definitely wipe out all words having said that English food is not good and we are sure that you will absolutely falling in love with English food. They now serve a delicious Fish & Chips every Friday for £15, do not miss! Note that in England, the tip is about 10% of its price.


Words and Photographs by Soonmin HONG


Address: 6 Old Court Place, Kensington Church Street, London W8 4PL

Transportation: Underground (Tube) High Street Kensington Station (Circle and District Line)

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 12:00 - 22:00 / Saturday to Sunday 12:00-23:00

Price: Lunch set 2 courses £19 / 3 courses £23


Reservation Online: [email protected]