Best 12 Malta shopping list

 Malta souvenirs: Knight of Malta figurine



For over 200 years, Malta was the home of the Order of Saint John. Valletta, the capital city was built by the knights back then and the famous Maltese Cross was the cross of the Order of Saint John. You will be able to find the Knights of Malta figurines in almost every souvenir shop in Malta, they come in numerous size from very small to very large and the price varies by its size and quality.


Malta souvenirs: Luzzu figurine



Luzzu is a traditional fishing boat of Malta. Traditionally, it is brightly painted in the shades of yellow, red, green, and blue. At the bow of the boat, it is normally pointed with a pair of eyes. Luzzu is as much a Malta national image as the Maltese Cross. You will be able to find Luzzu figurine anywhere, it is colourful and worth buying as home decoration!


Malta souvenirs: Eye of Osiris



Eye of Osiris or Eye of Horus is usually found at the bow of Luzzu. The Eye of Osiris was believed that it is the modern survival of an ancient Phoenician custom and the ancient Greeks, they believe that it is the Phoenicians' God of Protection against evil. You will see these eyes everywhere at the souvenir shops as it is colourful, beautiful, yet full of meaning.


Malta souvenirs: Maltese Cross



The Maltese Cross is considered to be the national symbol of the Republic of Malta with the four "V" arrowhead-shape pointing out at four directions. You will find the Maltese Cross anywhere in the souvenir shops. It can be featured in any souvenirs you can think of such as on magnets, limestones, filigrees, sterling, earrings, necklaces, and many more. Bring back an item with the Maltese Cross as a symbol to remind you of this amazing trip in Malta.


Malta souvenirs: Doorknob



You will see these doorknobs a lot in Malta while walking on the street with different kinds of design such as the lion, dolphin, fish, or even the Maltese Cross. The brass black doorknob beautifully outstands from the olive green or red door which is widely seen in Malta. You will be able to find them in an antique shop or some souvenir shops, the price starting from 50€ to 600-700€. If you plan to bring one back home, beware of the weight since they are quite heavy.


Malta souvenirs: Mdina glass



Mdina Glass is a colourful glass produced by the artisans by blowing the glass and shaping it by hand. It comes in many shapes to serve several purposes, mainly to furnish and decorate the house. You can buy some of their candle holders, vases, glasses, dishes, or tiny animal figurine and bring it back to decorate your home in a unique way. Each piece has a unique design since it is handmade.


Malta souvenirs: Filigree



It originated in ancient Greek and Rome, but nowadays, Malta has been the specialist in making filigree. It is all handmade by the artisans, they mostly come in a piece of jewellery and ornaments. It's made of gold or silver thread delicately crossed over one another. You can consider buying the earrings, necklace, or bracelet as an accessory for yourself or as a gift to your friends or family.


Malta souvenirs: Limestone



Golden limestone or Globigerina, is the limestone from Malta, the same rock that Maltese people used to build their house in ancient times. You can still see the many limestone buildings situated on the island. Apart from the house, limestone has been made into decorative objects found easily in souvenir shops. Most of the time it comes in the shape of candle holders or tiny accessory boxes.


Malta souvenirs: Olive oil



Recent research has proved that 2,000 years ago, the Romans were producing olive oil in Malta. Malta is considered to have a perfect climate to grow olive trees with the right temperature climate, soil, sunshine, and rain. This made Malta one of the big producers of olive oil. Several types of Maltese olive oil can be bought in the supermarkets from the regular to the extra virgin.


Malta souvenirs: Cactus drink



The prickly pear full of seeds may look difficult to cook or eat, but you can instead enjoy its sweet taste like a liqueur to drink before or after your meal. The cactus drink can be found widely in almost every supermarket. The most traditional one is, of course, the prickly pear or "Bajtra", but you can also find other flavours such as Maltese local honey or aromatic herbs. Zeppi's is the most popular brand of the drink, it comes in many sizes from 5 to 70 cl.


Malta souvenirs: Twistees cheese snack



A pack of Cheesy Twistees is a must-try when you visit Malta. It is a savoury crisp snack which was invented more than 40 years ago but is still beloved by Maltese locals now. Try one or more for yourself and bring some back for your friends and family. Even though it looks like normal chips, Maltese people guarantee that these are the best chips ever made.


Malta souvenirs: Nougat



It is one of the most popular sweets sold in Malta when the festive season comes around. Nougat can be found everywhere throughout the city streets and supermarkets. This nutty sweet block usually comes with almonds, and the Maltese like to have a slice with their afternoon tea. The bestseller is the original flavour, and the other flavours are vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate.


Words and Photographs by Aphinya Kasemsukphaisan