Address : 17 Rue Saint-Paul, 75004 Paris

Access : Metro line 1 Saint-Paul station

Opening Hours : No opening hours

Price : espresso 2.5 euros


This unique cafe is in the heart of the historic Marais district, between the rue Saint-Antoine and the Seine. From Saint-Paul's station, take the Rue du Prévôt, the charming narrow lane, paved and shady.


Le Marais district is the closest you will get to the feel of medieval Paris and has more pre-revolutionary buildings and streets left intact than any other area in Paris. Although this area has changed a lot in the last several years, it still remains charming. Taking a nice walk through Le Marais is a great way to discover the most convivial district to live in Paris.


A hidden gem in Paris, Le village Saint Paul. The Village Saint Paul is a vibrant and hip part of the Marais, one of the hippest bits of this gilded and gleaming city. It's packed with antique, retro, junk and brocante shops and therefore makes for marvellous window shopping.



The Montecao is in the warren of streetlets and squares that make up the Village. Its main seating area is an inner conservatory packed with leafy plants and, on the chilly day we visited, steamy warmth from heat lamps. Montecao means Spanish sable biscuits. Although the terrace isn't too shabby, there is something very special about this cafe.


A glass greenhouse space that you can see outside of the building before you come in.



Situated and relaxed at our tabel, we could hear the birds singing in the trees. It is quaint and quiet; very Parisian, a little nook. Upon arrival, you may have the impression that the owner is unkind.  But in fact, the owner of the cafe is a heartwarming person.


At the end of the café there is a small public aisle, and the owner has made terraces for several residents.


Usually in bad weather, you avoid sitting on the terrace. However, in this greenhouse cafe, when it rains, the raindrops fall on the glass like music.


This cafe is hidden in an artist's studio, usually very hard to find. Even more surprising is that this cafe does not have any so-called opening hours. The opening hours are when you want to go. So there is a risk of closing when there is no business.


We recommend a simple espresso because there is not much speciality on the menu or for dessert.



If you want to enjoy a special cup of coffee  in  the lovely indoor garden with a peaceful surrounding, visit Monteca. We suggest sitting outside in the small courtyard. 


Author, Photo : Han Jaeun

Translate : Gisella AZEVEDO