The best pancake house in Amsterdam

Amsterdam pancake house recommendation

When you visit Amsterdam, one of the things that you have to try is a pancake. Pancakes seem common and not a special thing to eat in a different country. But you can taste Dutch pancakes only in Amsterdam. Also, there are mini pancakes that are easier to try for travelers.

Among a lot of restaurants of Dutch pancakes, PANCAKE AMSTERDAM is famous for its pancake dish in Amsterdam. They have several branches in Amsterdam, the largest one is right next to Anne Frank House which is also very close to the Jordanian district, the upcoming district in Amsterdam. We recommend you to enjoy pancakes, sitting on the terrace in the good weather.



Dutch pancakes, perfect for a light breakfast

If you go to PANCAKES AMSTERDAM for a light meal or breakfast, you might see that most of the customers are tourists who are enjoying their breakfast. Although most of the restaurants, which we visited in Amsterdam, were not very spacious, this one has a lot of seating and is spacious so that you can enjoy your meal comfortably. There is a small open kitchen on one side of the restaurant, which gives you a full of smells as soon as you enter.


Amsterdam special pancake restaurant

There is also some seating area on the second floor. You might also see a cute photo zone with famous paintings. Each table is served with maple syrup, salt, and sugar. Therefore, you can add some syrup or salt on the ordered pancakes, according to your preference. 


Dutch pancake


Pancakes Amsterdam's menu is very varied. Although it seems to have a limited menu concentrated on pancake specialty, they offer various types of pancakes and their toppings such as American pancakes which we are familiar with.

To get Dutch mini pancakes called POFFERTJES, you have to visit this largest branch because they don't serve in other branches. POFFERTJES is a combination of mouth sized and well-padded pancakes with sweet butter and sugar powder. It is not too sweet and has a clear taste which could be a good choice for breakfast. There are other POFFERTJES menus too which are served with chocolate, raspberry, blueberry and ice cream, etc.

If you want to have a bit heavier meal, you can order Dutch or American pancakes with some additional toppings such as bacon, eggs, and ham, etc. 


Amsterdam cafe tour


Cafe latte goes well with pancakes. If you order a coffee, you will also get a mini syrup waffle, a typical Dutch snack. Have a cafe latte with pancakes and then begin your brisk journey.


Must-eat in Amsterdam

O'bon Paris' tip

As mentioned earlier, POFFERTJES can only be ordered at Wstermarkt branch beside Anne Frank House. You can only pay with the card at Pancakes Amsterdam so you should be sure to bring your cards. And you need to pay to use the restroom.


Words by Youra CHOI

Photographs by Yuna LEE


Address:Prinsengracht 277, 1016 GW Amsterdam

Transportation:Tram No.13/No.17 at Westermarkt Station

Opening Hours:Daily 8:00-20:00

Price:6-15 euros