Category: French Cabaret
Address: 28, rue du Cardinal Lemoine 75005 Paris
Transportation: Metro Line 10 Cardinal Lemoine Station or Line 7, Line 10 Jussieu Station
Business hours: Dinner time 8:00, show time 9:30

Paris Latin Paradise Nightclub is one of the only four nightclubs with performances in Paris.  It is Located on the left bank of Paris (rive gauche).  Gustav Eiffel {the Eiffel tower designer} is responsible for rebuilding the burned theatre and naming it Latin heaven as it is known today.

Arturo Brachetti, considered the best quick change performer in the world, started his career at Paradis Latin in 1979. He was the only one in the world since the legendary Leopoldo Fregoli (1867-1937).

In 1979 two years after the opening of Paris Paradis, Jean-Jacques Debout and Roger Dumas created the Nuit de Paradis show for Jean-Marie Rivière. In 1981 a new show, Paradisiac, was produced and directed by Frédéric Botton and Francis Lai, who took a leave from his musical and film career for the project. The artist Michel Berger got his start at the theatre.

The artistic director, Jean-Marie Rivière, eventually retired to the Antilles, but the theatre continued. New shows followed, co-written and directed by Christian Dura: Champagne in 1984, then Hello Paradis in 1987, and Viva Paradis, which commemorates the hundredth anniversary of the theatre. In May 1995, a few years after the departure of his former colleague Riviére, Jean Kriegel chose to retire as well. Over nearly twenty years, he had hosted some two million spectators, with six different shows and over 1600 performances.

And Latin Paradise is now a high-end Parisian nightclub, which features the traditional French dance,  musical and dance performances and stunt performances and so on.
But apart from providing high-quality services, you also get to enjoy the most "French" left bank nightlife.
In the Gustave, the head designer aligned a  total of 700 seats. There are 500 seats on the first floor, 200 seats on the second floor all of them with the thought that you can enjoy the performance of the dance in the French atmosphere.



We seize the opportunity to visit backstage, there is a hyper energy in the atmosphere and chaos to get performances on time.  A lot of helpers to help the performers to quickly switch between dresses and shows.

Only in Latin Paradise Paris can you see so many wonderful performances and a ballet show and be a part of the exuberant French way of living.
In addition, the extra effects give the whole show a very modern edge but still keeping the traditional essence alive.


Located in the fifth district of the centre of Paris, in a safe area,  and only 500 meters from Notre Dame. From the two subway stations (Line 10: Carinal Lemoine and Line 7 and Line 10: Jussieu)  just walk a few minutes to reach.
Along with the performances also enjoy high-quality French cuisine, fresh daily specials, Bordeaux wines and champagne.
In recent years, Moulin Rouge, Crazy Horse and Lido the three major nightclubs, have been occupied by tourists, the individuality of the Parisian art scene seems scattered across the market but,"Latin Paradise" is still regarded as an authentic place.


If you come to France you must enjoy the snail dish or escargot or you will miss the essence of French cuisine.


The grilled fish was cooked just right, soft and sweet.

The Host opens the show in both French and English.

Ballet, juggling, circus, dance performances, and much more.


The thrilling action presented intimidating skills and got the audience hooked to the show.


These beautiful dancers performed the French dance.

Please come in at least 15 minutes prior to the performance hall, in order to enjoy the delicious dinner. The show begins at 21:30 pm.
At the end of the show, from a high-altitude drift, several balloons and ribbons were released to mark an end of the unforgettable performance.


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