The special invitation to a dreamland

Everyone returns to the innocence of childhood here at Disneyland Paris. Full of attractions, and things to enjoy inside. Disneyland Paris consists of three parts; Disney village with restaurants and souvenir shops, Walt Disney Studio with thrilling rides, and Disneyland Park with Disney castle and parades and shows. Once you enter, you will pass by Disney Village. Depending on your ticket, you can enter either 1 park or both parks; Walt Disney Studio and Disneyland Park. 



First thing first. When you enter Disneyland Park, you will encounter this beautifully built castle which seems to have ejected from a fairy tale just now. From the entrance where Main Street U.S.A. just like a movie set from Disney animations, to Sleeping Beauty's Disney castle, this place truly takes you by storm. 



Do not miss Disneyland parade in the afternoon. You can check the schedule and location in advance to secure the good place before the parades begin. Meet Disney characters and princesses and princes just right in front your eyes.


Inside Disneyland Park, you can enjoy from popular attractions including Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, Hyperspace Mountain, Peterpan's Flight, and Big Thunder Mountain, to some easy rides which you can enjoy with kids as well. 



Now, let's explore Walt Disney Studio. Walt Disney Studio has many thrilling rides like Hollywood Tower, Ratatouille which you can enjoy animation with 3D effect, Crush's Coaster which you get on a sea turtle to explore under the sea, and Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop. There is also Studio Tram Tour to get in Disneyland tram to experience special effects of movies and see a special collection of cars from Disney movies. 


Another thing you don't want to miss at Disneyland Paris is to see souvenirs. From the cute stuffed toys to princess dolls, various Disney goods make it unable to take your eyes off. 




If you don't have enough time to enjoy a full day here at Disneyland, we would recommend you to visit here in the afternoon so that you don't miss Disney Illuminations. During summer, Disney Illuminations begin at 11P.M., but from October to May, it begins at 8P.M., which shorten your waiting time.

After several announcements, finally this famous illumination show starts coloring the Disney castle with beautiful hue. Disney characters dance to music on the surface of the castle. During the hightlight of each soundtrack, stunning fireworks burst into the air, inviting you to such a dreamland. 


O'bon Paris' tip

To shorten the waiting time and check locations of rides, you can download Disneyland Paris application in advance. Also Disneyland Paris has a paid luggage service so that you can easily drop by directly from the airport or outlets nearby. If you visit from the morning, you can get fastpasses of popular attractions which allow you to save your waiting time, and if you visit by yourself, you can queue on a single rider track to save your time. Don't forget to get a 10% discount for tickets with O'Bon Paris' discount coupon


Words and Photographs by Yuna Lee


Address : Boulevard de Parc, 77700 Coupvray

Transportation : RER A Marne-la-Vallée

Opening Hours : Oct-May - Walt Disney Studio 10:00-18:00 & Disneyland Park 10:00-20:00 / Jun-Sep - Walt Disney Studio 10:00-19:00 & Disneyland Park 10:00-23:00

Price : Mini Ticket - (from) Adult 53 euros & Kid 48 euros / Magic Ticket - (from) Adult 69 euros & Kid 63 euros / Super Magic Ticket - (from) Adult 79 euros & Kid 72 euros (Ticket price varies depending on 1 park or 2 parks and also by date)