A very local chocolate shop in Sablon, Brussels

Passion chocolat in Sablon

In a historic upper town in Brussels, Sablon, there are many authentic Belgian chocolate shops. Founded in 1998, Passion Chocolat still locates in Sablon and you can find various handmade chocolates loved by many local people.


Authentic Belgian chocolate

Sablon in Brussels, the best chocolate shops

There are pralines, ganaches, chocolate truffles, chocolate bars, chocolate specialties, and other various sweets that you can enjoy choosing.

Chocolate bar in Brussels

Chocolate bars are sorted by their origins and are something that you should try. You can compare the variety of tastes and compare since they don't have other plant ingredients. 

Passion Chocolat in Brussels gifts

There are some chocolate gifts as well. "Feuilletines", very thin flavored chocolate bars would be great for having a cup of coffee or tea.

chocolate pralines in Brussels

There are more than 80 varieties of pralines according to the traditional recipes. There are three signature chocolates that you cannot miss. "La Cabosse", a praline that looks like the fruit of the cocoa tree, "Peanut", a lightly salted peanut-shaped praline peanut, and the biscuit-flavored Praliné, almond biscuit praliné. All of them are very addictive and once you know Passion Chocolat, as many Brusselian locals, Passion Chocolat will be your best favorite chocolatier. 

chocolate gifts Belgium

You can also make your own original canned chocolates. The best fun part when you buy chocolates in Belgium is when you are choosing the various chocolates.

The best chocolate gift/souvenir from Brussels

What makes Passion Chocolat unique is not only the taste of chocolate but also the sweet wrapping with love. The praline chocolates are popular among local people but actually, Passion Chocolat's chocolate boxes are very suitable for souvenirs.


O'bon Paris' tip

Passion Chocolat chocolate box

At Passion Chocolate, there are various sizes of gift box. Get a beautiful Belgian souvenir for your family and friends!


Words and photographs by Leona Fujii


Address: Rue Bodenbroek 2-4,1000 Brussels(Grand Sablon)/ Avenue Louis Gribaumont 20, 1150 Brussels(Woluwe-Saint-Pierre)
Website: Click here