An excellent boutique hotel in Antwerp

Antwerpen boutique hotel

As Antwerp is known to be the home of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, ModeNatie, Antwerp Six, and so on, there are many places here exceptionally designed by local creators. Pilar is a hotel with 17 guest rooms, a  restaurant and a bar/lounge, which is located in South Antwerp.


Spacious Hotel in South of Antwerp

the best hotel in Antwerp

Each room is quite spacious, and the intricate eye-catching designs vary from room to room. 



Pilar hotel

All the rooms in Pilar Hotel are different and beautiful. In this room, the bath is built into floor and the wooden floor and the bright beige wall color will make you feel very relaxed.



Pilar hotel room picture

Each bath in this hotel is different as well. Sometimes it's wooden, built into the floor, or it's a stand alone in a spacious luxury room, like shown above. To see what other rooms they have check out the Pilar Hotel website. 


The Grande Suite / Family Room

the best boutique hotel in Antwerp

The very spacious 40m² grande suite adds to make your stay very special and relaxing. It's not only about the place to sleep, but the experience that you have spending time with your family or frends in an atmosphere that has great interiors, and room designs.


Luxurious time at Pilar Hotel

hotel with luxury bath in Antwerp

This is the bath in the gold room, which literally has a gold wall behind the bed. Each room also has big windows and which allows for a lot of sunlight when it's sunny. Most rooms also have a Nespresso machine so that you can feel even more at home and won't have to leave your room for coffee.

Pilar hotel and cafe

Pilar is not only a hotel but a platform for people and the future where you can sleep, as well as eat, work, create, shop, socialize, and much more.

Pilar interior designs

There is also a concept shop in Pilar cafe with many collections of furniture, pottery, cutlery, cosmetics, fashion, accessories, baby goods, etc. It is a perfect place to get a gift for your friend or family. 

Words and photographs by Leona Fujii 



Address:  Leopold de Waelplaats 34, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium

Website: Click here