Address : 77160 Provins
Opening Hours : June 9th - June 10th, 2018
Admission Fee : 11 euros (for adults)


Just 1.5 hours away by car from Paris, you can meet and discover this medieval city, Provins. It's registed as UNESCO world heritage. The medieval festival was held for 2 days from June 9th to 10th, 2018. 

Early in the 11th century, Provins used to play the economically important role of long-distance trade between Northern Europe and the Mediterranean ports. Being considered as a politically and commercially important city, they had to build the high fortress to protect the village. 



After you buy the ticket at the entrance of the fortress, you will see the old but tidy village. This festival has been occuring annually for 35 years and became the biggest medieval festival in France. There are so many choices of food and beverages, almost as much as the people visiting here. 


When you walk more and more into the village, colorful small flags greet you, adding more ambiance to the festival. 


Not only the locals, but also tourists are dressed in medieval costumes to fully enjoy the festival. 


In the middle of the village, you will be led to Place du Chatel. To celebrate the festival, various stages are prepared with music, dance, plays, and animal shows. LES PIES was playing medieval rock music. 


Exotic scenes like in the French medieval movies are displayed just in front of you. The village is decorated like a big movie set and brings you back to the past.


During the festival, you can easily see the weapons like swords and shields. You can also see how master craftsmen make weapons and even buy them right on the spot. For kids, various programs are prepared including getting inside carraiges, making fires with hands, making masks, and so on. There is the special section for kids to touch and feed animals like goats, sheeps, pigs, and ducks.


Another exotic atmosphere is waiting for you when you get outside of the fortress. There are markets where you can buy clothes, bags, and weapons which were handcrafted and food sections with various choices, including food and fresh beers which will bring you more Renaissance joys. 


Don't miss out La Tour Cesar when you visit Provins. This is the symbol of Provins, which was built in 12th century and added the cone shaped roof in 17th century. On the top of the tower, you can look down a birds eye view of the whole village.



The festival was full of things to see, eat, and enjoy, which definitely made our visit worth while. There are many spectacles, plays, and night shows depending on time, so we recommend staying longer if you have enough time to see them. Provins' medieval festival is held only for 2 days every year, however, there are some other small events through the year which you can check on before visiting Provins. 


Author : Yuna Lee

Photographers : ANJI, Jessy Cornu