Dining at a restaurant full of history in the City of Valletta

Rampila restaurant, best restaurant in Valletta, Malta

An ancient tunnel turned into a fascinating restaurant

Rampila Restaurant is a Maltese restaurant situated near the City Gate comprises of a restaurant, wine bar, terrace, and exhibition. The story behind the place started in the 16th century. Where the restaurant is nowadays was built by the Knights of St. John as a part of the defensive bastions protecting the City of Valletta. When you arrive in front of the restaurant, you might not see a fancy building, but by entering the restaurant down the stairs you will find the beautiful ancient tunnel and the passageway leading to the wine bar and the terrace.


Where to eat in Valletta? Rampila Restaurant

The tunnel restaurant is considered to be the signature of Rampila. In the old days, where the tunnel restaurant is today used to be the place where the Knights of St. John service the gun emplacement defending the City Gate and the Bridge. Nowadays, the tunnel is perfectly renovated with the oak floor, warm light, and air conditioner to make sure of your utmost comfort dining experience.  


Maltese bread, best restaurant in Valletta, Rampila


The warm Maltese bread wrapped in a white napkin and served along with the olive oil and balsamic cream as an appetizer. The Maltese bread is a typical type of bread that usually served at the restaurant in Malta before the dish is served. They always warm up the bread so that you can feel the real softness of the bread as if it just came out of the oven.


Traditional Maltese soup, Rampila restaurant review


The meal always starts with an appetizer. This is the Maltese traditional fish and seafood soup consisted of mussel, clam, prawn, fish, diced vegetables, and lemon on top to put some sourness to the soup. The texture of the soup is light yet full of the flavour of seafood. The waiter adviced that it goes perfectly with rose wine and picked a glass of Medina Grenache Rose to drink along with the dish.


Rabbit, traditional Maltese food, must try Maltese food


Another traditional dish that you must try in Malta is a rabbit stew. This rabbit stew is the stew that braised the rabbit nicely with date plum and raisin adding a little bit of sweetness to the dish. The meat falling off the bone makes it really easy to eat, however, the rabbit bones are tiny therefore you must be careful. The restaurant served the rabbit with kidney and liver chunks, kindly inform the waiter of your preference.


Terrace restaurant overlooking Valletta City Gate, Rampila

There is the area in the terrace where you can sit and enjoy the nice weather in the summer while having a great meal overlooking the view of Valletta City Gate. It considered being the most beautiful outdoor dining location in Valletta. Where you are to be seated used to be the cannon emplacement in the past surrounded by the over-450-year-old rocky wall, the trees, and a fountain. The time difference delivers a different atmosphere, you can either enjoy the fresh air during the day or the romantic warm light during the night. Both seem to be a perfect choice.


Malta best restaurant, Valletta best restaurant

O'bon Paris' tip

At the end of the tunnel, there is an exhibition about the local of Maltese in the old days displayed inside the tunnel where you can enjoy after finishing your meal. The exhibition is free for everyone. If you would like to enjoy a great meal at a great restaurant like Rampila, we recommend you book the table in advance. Although there seem to be enough tables for everyone, you might want to make sure you do not miss one of the best restaurants in Valletta.


Words and Photographs by Aphinya Kasemsukphaisan


Address : St. Johns Cavalier, Il-Belt Valletta VLT 1110, Malta

Transportation : Bus line 71 or 73 Valletta A4 Station

Opening Hour : Everyday 12:00-22:30

Website : Click here