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 Best thermal spa in Budapest : RUDAS BATH

Budapest, Hungary, one of the most relaxing cities in Europe, is rich with thermal water. Almost all of the thermal baths in the city are a century old. The most important baths may be the Turkish ones, which are legacies of Turkish occupation. These baths are amazing oriental monuments with modern day facilities.


Thermal bath near Liberty Statue Budapest: Rudas Bath

Bathing like a local in the City of spas

Bathing in thermal spas has become a huge part of Hungarian people's life in general, and Budapest's residents in particular. That's why these places are always crowded, even during the cold winter days. Rudas Bath is probably the most popular medieval Turkish bath, and was established as early as the 16th century. The bath is located at the foot of the Gellert Hill on the Buda side, which you can easily visit and relax after visiting the Liberty Statue.


Swimming pool Budapest : Rudas bath

They have an octagonal pool covered by a 10 meter dome. At the end of the 19th century, a therapeutic swimming facility and a sauna was added.


thermal spring in budapest: Rudas bath

A wide range of local thermal springs with many different treatments and wellness services are available.


Water springs: Rudas Bath

Guests have the option of choosing from the Juventus pool, the immersion pool, the rooftop pool and two hot water pools with a complex physiotherapeutic section, and a drinking hall from three water springs: Hungária, Attila and Juventus.


panorama pool rooftof Budapest: Rudas bath
The panorama pool on the rooftop is a popular check-in point which allows you to enjoy your bath with an amazing view over the city. They are open late every Friday and Saturday, from 10 PM to 4 AM, and it is a great location for night view of Budapest.


Night view Budapest : Rudas bath

O'bon Paris' tip

Rudas Bath is currently the only bath in Budapest that offers men only and women only days. You can check their website for details prior to arriving.
Thermal spas are crowded so if your schedule allows it, avoid coming on weekends. If you don't want to rent swimming supplies, you should bring your swimwear, towel, and slippers with you.


Words and Photographs by PHAN Thanh Thuy


Address : H-1013 Budapest, Döbrentei tér 9.ri

Transportation : Tram 19 /41 /56 /56A Rudas Gyógyfürdő station or bus 7 /907 /973 Rudas Gyógyfürdő station

Opening Hours :  Mon-Sun 6:00-20:00 / Late night (no partying, just bath) : Fri-Sat 22:00-04:00 / Men only days : Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri / Women only days :Tue / Mixed days : Fri 22:00-Sun 20:00

Price : From 1 900 Ft (click here to get more details)

*Cash desks close one hour before closing hour.