Easy to be Parisian

SAINT JAMES CAR - Exclusive Tour in Classic French Car



Small but chic antique French Car

It was a sunny but cold Monday morning. We were so excited to jump on this retro journey because we were about to see Paris in another angle of view with an antique car - the Citroën Deux Chevaux (2CV).

The Citroën 2CV is one of France's most symbolic cars. 2CV was introduced in France at the 1948 Paris Mondial de l'Automobile and manfactured until 1990 as a very popular car model. Nowadays, as it is really hard to have the chance to sit on it again, 2CV became a collection chic rare car.


A direct contact with French Parisian local culture

Our city journey started in front of the famous Opéra Garnier. Firstly, we were warmly greeted by the chauffeur, Mr. Robert Jullien, wearing French traditional clothing in white and blue stripes.

Robert was retired as a German teacher. Currently being a chauffeur is a pleasure to him because he enjoys to take tourists to see around the city. Knowledgeable and humorous, he shared many anecdotes of Paris all the way. Many of the stories were actually unknown to us who even had been living in this city for some time.


A good overview of the genuine old Paris

Then, the journey started.

We went through one of the most expensive streets, Rue de la Paix, in Paris. It was full of couture boutiques and jewelers. Later, we entered another luxury street, Rue Saint-Honoré. At the end of the street, we saw the Palais Royal and the Musée du Louvre. It was really a brilliant idea to roam in the city with a 2CV car drived by a city guide because it allows us to see all the most beautiful places of Paris in 1.5 hours and then note down the places we liked and come back later! Robert the driver tells us the good restaurants, the shopping streets, the party street. He was very familiar with the city.





We were not limited to sit in the small car. This convertible allowed us to stand up to enjoy a broader view. We were taken to the small streets of Paris from Marais, Île Saint-Louis, Île de la Cité, to the Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Antoine, which is a furniture street. These are the genuine old Parisian roads that the big bus can not take us.



The 2CV car makes you become a Parisian Star!

What else interested us were the interactions with people. While driving into the cutest streets of Paris, tourists were fond of our French ancient vehicle and they took the pictures of the car. Local people even waved their hands to us. When we stopped the car, they came talk to us. Suddenly, this old enchanted car made these indifferent Parisians more accessible and shortened our distance. Thus, we became Parisian stars in our stylish car.




How couldn't we stop by la Tour Eiffel for its always beautiful figure.



The last ride was on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. The back was the Arc de Triomphe standing firmly there and the front was the ferris wheel which was recently established there to embrace the Christmas. We were even more excited because of thinking of the coming holidays.



No worries about the weather! Robert will help.

In my opinion, the antique car was a bit small and the weather was cold on that day. I did not wear warm enough especially in the open car. I suggest you to check the weather before your trip. Nevertheless, we had a great time with our awesome guide and chauffeur, Robert Jullien that offered us warm blankets. Let's take on this adventure with 4 roues sous 1 parapluie and share your experience with us!


To sum up 4 Roues Sous 1 Parapluie Tour

To sum up, the average price of their guided city tour service for 1.5 hours is 60€ per person. If you download the coupons of O' bon Paris, you can get -20% discounts (just select the coupon on the top left of the website, follow the link sent to your mail box, at the end of booking insert the promo code and validate with the red cross on the right of the field).

They can pick you up in any place of central Paris or the suggested departure is in front of the Opéra Garnier.

A variety of options are available. If it is your first time to Paris and you want to give it a try, look for private tours/transfer in their website. You can choose "Paris Highlights", "Paris Monopoly", "Paris by Night", "Romantic Paris", But if you have more time, they can also bring you to the Versailles Castle. Even a package of travelling from Paris to Cannes "La Route des Villages" is at choice!

For more information, please consult with their website: http://www.4roues-sous-1parapluie.com/EN/index.html



4 Roues Sous 1 Parapluie in sum up :

Website: www.4roues-sous-1parapluie.com (click on "private tours and transfers" and choose one tour among Paris Highlights)

Price: from 30 € per person for 45 minutes drive

Itineraries: varied (from big spots to very original Paris spots).

Address of Picking: Place de la Concorde for 30-45 minute tours. For longer tour, anywhere in Paris (hotel, apartment) from 1st to 20th district, or in front of the stairs of the Opera Garnier.

 Main points

-Overview Paris to select your preferred places.

-A good way to go through the genuine old Paris

-A direct connection with the local people

-Become a star in your 2CV car.

-Comments and private anecdotes by your private driver