Address : 8 Boulevard du Palais, 75001 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 4 Cité

Opening Hours : January 2nd - March 31st daily 9:00-17:00 / April 1st - September 30th daily 9:00-19:00 / October 1st - December 31st daily 9:00-17:00

Admission Fee : 10 euros (Free with museum pass)



Sainte Chapelle is situated at Ile de la Cite, which is very close to the center of Paris. With the Seine river on each side, Ile de la Cite becomes full of Parisians who like to enjoy evenings with a romantic atmosphere. Sainte Chapelle is a must-visit place on this beautiful little island.


Sainte Chapelle originally means a massive feretory to keep holy things related to the passion of Christ. The devout king, Louis IX demanded to build Sainte Chapelle to keep the crown of Christ brought from emperor Constantinople and tools of punishment. 



Sainte Chapelle has two stories; downstairs was used for ordinary people while the upper part was for royal family and the privileged class. The gothic style stained glass windows downstairs are already amazing but still cannot be compared to the ones on display upstairs. 

With 15 different stained glass windows of 15m each, the second floor is covered with massive stained glasses of 600m2. The scale is overwhelming and the many-hued colors and details are amazingly impressive. When you see the stained glass in detail, you will find that each of them is describing the scene from the Old Testament and the New Testament, and in total describe 1113 scenes. 


Sainte Chapelle suffered from fire and flood during the French revolution, many parts were destroyed including the crinoid, which is the symbol of the royal family of France. From the late 19th century, it began to be restored with the goal to recover its original shape.  

It went through another restoration process from 2008 to 2014. As time passes by, the building and stained glass windows get dirty and some of the building and statues became damaged. Each of the stained glass windows are massive and fragile, workers who had to carry out the restoration had to focus a lot for the sophiscated work with a heavy responsibility.


Rose glass is one of the most important elements in the Medieval religious structures. Donated by Charles VIII in 1485, 86 stained glass windows describe the Revelation to John.


When rays of  sunlight shine through these beautiful coloured windows, they glow with elegant and vibrant light. With large chandeliers hung overhead, you feel like you are in a magical castle. 


It is already marvelous enough, but when there is a special event like a concert and orchestra, it can be even more amazing. From time to time, they prepare concerts which you can check for in advance on the internet. These events usually take place at night when the cathedral is normally closed, so it becomes more exculsive for those holding a ticket. 



Sainte Chapelle is definitely worth a visit and will make your trip in Paris more memorable. Right next to Sainte Chapelle is La Conciergerie, and also just a few minutes away is the cathedrale of Notre-Dame. Located on Cite island, you can see the romantic Seine river and walk along the Seine after sighseeing.


Written and photographed by Yuna Lee