When you travelling to Europe without purchasing a prepaid SIM card or a Wi-Fi sharing device, you may only have to connect to a hotel or local free Internet or use "roaming" if you want to surf the Internet or talk to one another.

However, roaming charges are very expensive.  It is hard to choose whether to buy prepaid SIM cards or wireless network sharers. Analyze the pros and cons of prepaid cards (SIM cards) or wireless network sharers!




Internet Prepaid Card (SIM card)

Internet prepaid card (SIM card) Pros:

1. Internet prepaid card (SIM card) the price is usually not too expensive.

The price depends entirely on the company you purchased, sometimes offering discounted prices on event promotions.

2. No need to Carry extra equipment.

SIM card installed directly on the phone, so you  do not have to like travel WIFI share device need to carry a network sharer device, but also do not have to worry about whether the network share will be good.

3. Do not need to be close to travel WIFI sharers to connect to the Internet.

Internet prepaid card (SIM card) do not use the same as using the WIFI sharing device, you need to travel WIFI share device to connect to the Internet. If there are more than two users today it is too much trouble, you need to be able to connect to the network all the time, and the Internet prepaid card (SIM card) there is no problem.

4. Do not look everywhere for free WIFI.

Some European hotels, WIFI connection quality is poor, but also charges, if travel WIFI sharing device, then it will be super convenient, and do not have to look for free WIFI on the road.


Internet prepaid card (SIM card) shortcomings︰


1.Your phone must be unlocked

If your phone is not unlocked, your phone will not be able to use another SIM card. In some cases, the APN in the handset needs to be reset to search for new telecom operators to provide telecom services.


2.Only one person at a time can use it

If there are many people traveling, only one person to buy one, can not share the Internet

3.Value-added questions。

If your traffic needs to be used up or the deadline expires, you must either go to your local carrier or follow the rules of the SIM card company to add value.




Travel WIFI sharing device 


Travel WIFI sharing device advantages︰


1. Can use more than one network at the same time。

Travel WIFI share device, mobile phone or computer as long as they enter the password for WIFI share, they can start to surf. When the group travel together with the use of very convenient.


2. Travel WIFI sharing device for your phone to save power

Using the WIFI share, save the power for your cellphone. You can save a lot of power for your cellphone by simply turning the phone into a flight mode and turning on the WiFi connection (you do not always have to search for a base station) .


3. Do not look everywhere for free WIFI

Some European hotels, WIFI connection is not only poor, but also charges, if there is travel WIFI sharing device, then it will be super convenient.



Excellent travel WIFI sharing device shortcomings︰


1. The cost is more expensive

Because it is a rental sharing device, so the cost will be more expensive, some companies are counted days, and some packages program, the more the cost of travel the higher the cost.


2. You have to return to travel WIFI sharers

After the tour but also share the device back to the WIFI share sharing company, more trouble.


3. WIFI share may not have electricity

Means that you have to prepare more than one mobile power to prepare WIFI sharers may not have electricity


4. Need to be close to the travel WIFI sharing device to connect to the Internet。

Need to be close to the travel WIFI sharing device to connect to the Internet. If there are more than two users today it is too much trouble, need to be together all the time before they can connect to the Internet.





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THREE SIM Card vs ORANGE Holiday Card

The biggest difference between the two is that ORANGE Holiday can make international calls and THREE sim can not make international calls. However, ORANGE Holiday can only be used for 14 days, compared to 30 days for the THREE SIM Card. Because both have their advantages and disadvantages, you can choose the online prepaid card that suits your needs.