SIM card

Smartphones have become a life essential that none of us leave the house without. Traveling is no exceptions, and with a smartphone that has internet it is even more convenient, as you will be able to connect to your friends and family, and it will help you guide your way home if you are lost. In countries that speak a different language it's also a tool for communication, and it helps you find places to visit and how to get there, quickly. 

Using your phone outside of your country can seem a bit complicated, and trying to find a Starbucks to use their free Wifi everytime you need to search for something, will use up a lot of your time that is meant for exploring. 

So we’d like to tell you how to get internet on your phone without worrying about a huge data bill that may shock you.


You have two possible choices : pocket wifi or a sim card



Pocket wifi supports several wifi users at the same time, without worries of data usage, since it’s unlimited. However, it’s not very convenient as you need to return the card after the expiry date.



With a sim card, it’s still possible to make calls, send SMS', and have data, while pocket wifi only provides wifi. Besides, it’s also possible to share the data using tethering and hotspot, but you can’t keep your phone number that you had with your previous sim card in your home country.


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