Don't tell me that you are doing good without smartphone. Yes, you do have a smartphone that is smart, and that is much smarter with internet. Especially in foreign countries, you have a million of tour guides in your hand, always being connected with your friends, family.

But it seems a bit complicated to use internet outside of your country. And you won’t always stay at Starbucks for Wifi during your precious trip.

So we’d like to tell you how to get internet on your phone without worries about a huge bill that may slap you.


Generally you have two choices : pocket wifi and simcard



Pocket wifi supports several wifi users at the same time, without worries of data quantity since it’s unlimited. However, it’s not convenient as you need to return it after the valid date.



With simcard, it’s still possible to use phone call, SMS, and data while pocket wifi supports only wifi. Besides, it’s also possible to share the data using tethering and hotspot. But you can’t keep your phone number that you used with your simcard in your country.


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