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France is well known for its beauty and cosmetic brands. There are hundreds of brands, and new ones are created every year. It can be hard for customers to choose which brands they should use, and to understand what makes a brand unique. Indeed, most of them are using similar ingredients, and it’s often the packaging that differentiates one product with another... Well, it’s not always the case, and there are many innovative cosmetic brands too! We had the chance to meet Michel Bohbot, the founder of a very interesting Paris-based beauty company, Synbionyme, that helped us understand the cosmetics of future.  





Dr. Michel Bohbot, is the founder of the French brand Laboratoire, Synbionyme. This Doctor in Pharmacy has worked more than 30 years in the cosmeceutical industry, and held a key position in the famous French company, Bioderma. He described himself as a creator who is full of energy and curiosity in exploring the secret of our skin.  After his successful career, he realized that he could not live without the fun of constantly creating and experimenting new skin care products. Studying about skin care is a kind of hobby for him! This led him to create his own brand 3 years ago, Synbionyme.




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We all have heard about microbiota (microorganisms and bacteria living on different part of our body). In the past 30 years, a lot of research have been conducted on it: we know now that many bacteria are useful and even necessary for a normal function of our body. Prebiotics (food that support helpful bacteria) and probiotics (microorganism with health benefits that can be consumed through food complements) have been developed to restore the microbiota balance.

However, most of the research showing that our health depends on the balance of the microbiota have been done on the intestinal microbiota (gut microbial flora). But the balance of microbiota is essential in skincare too, and an imbalance in the skin microbiota is the main cause of skin problems. Prebiotics and probiotics can restore this equilibrium and contribute a lot to the health and beauty of the skin.  




SYMBIONYME‘s product

Recently, a lot of famous brands started to understand the importance of prebiotics and probiotics in skincare, and some are developing cosmetics based on it. But Michel Bohbot and his team were the first ones to develop this kind of cosmetics, and the brand is far ahead in this field.

Laboratoire Synbionyme's philosophy is based on the fact that beautiful skin is skin that has barriers and in good condition and perfectly protected. It is pointless to worry for skin problems, or to put anti-aging product if the skin is not balanced and well protected. To solve any kind of skin problem, the first step is to restore the equilibrium of the skin barrier and especially its ecosystem (microbiota). Indeed, this skin barrier is constantly altered, especially for the people living in big cities (because of stress, pollution, sun…).

The defense system developed by the brand is called “Pro-B3”, and is active on the different layers of the epidermis. First of all, it rebalances the skin microbiota thanks to probiotics and prebiotics that support the friendly bacteria playing on a major role in the skin defense. But Pro-B3 is also active on other barriers of the epidermis, by protecting the epidermis immune defense.




SYNBIONYME Universal Serum

The brand developed several products for a perfect beauty routine (cleanser, moisturizer, serum, cream…). But the Universal Serum is the core skin-care product of the brand, and is the one that contains a higher concentration of Pro B3. It can be put on any skin type. It is the main cosmetic of Synbionyme to balance and strengthen skin’s defenses. The Universal Serum also contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin E for a quick hydration of the epidermis. The Serum can be used alone or be included in a beauty routine, before applying a cream.

 After using the serum, you can apply Synbionyme’s Progena Lift Cream, which is also formulated with prebiotics and probiotics, but targets specifically wrinkles, loss of firmness and dullness. The cream is enriched with vitamin C, silk proteins and mango butter to moisturize and soothe the skin.


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 As UVA and UVB are a main factor of aging-skin, Synbionyme also developed sunscreens specializied on sensitive skin. Photo 3 SPF50+ ensure a perfect protection for the skin, but the sunscreen also contains Pro B3 to reinforce the skin’s natural defense.


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Words and photographs by O'bon Paris Team